Glastonbury Morlands site squat: statement from the crew

Richard Chisnall rchisnall at
Mon Jan 5 21:40:53 GMT 2009

The Morlands Crew released the following statement at about 8pm today,
January 5th 2009.

Please forward to interested parties.


Hello all,

We're now reaching the 24 hour mark and we have achieved a huge amount
already. Once again, we would very much like to thank all those who
have helped our efforts with donations, support, even just by honking
their horns. This morning brought TV interviews, newspaper interviews
and a lot of general interest.  Following on from this, the RDA have
released a statement; announcing they're confident that once they
demonstrate to us how unsafe the building is, that we will leave of
our own accord.

Unfortunately, as this statement was not released directly to us, but
via the media, and as we still have not had any contact with the RDA,
we cannot help but wonder how seriously we are being taken. They have
indicated that they wish to meet us tomorrow, which we will very
happily do, off the property of course.

We are still here, and do not intend to leave until we have reached an
agreement about the future of the buildings, and the site as a whole.
The RDA has consistently failed to provide good value for money
solutions for our community - something which we now wish to change.
We believe that there is a great potential in this building and the
wider site, potential which, if fully realised, would be economically
and socially viable, and successful.

We would like to stress again that we would like to talk with the RDA
and the community about the future of this site.

Once again, thanks for all of the support, and we will keep you
updated as much as possible.

All the best,

The Morlands crew.


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