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Mark mark at tlio.org.uk
Mon Jan 12 00:14:54 GMT 2009

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Subject: Stop the War website and email attacked
From:    "Stop the War Coalition" <office at stopwar.org.uk>
Date:    Sun, January 11, 2009 10:16 am
To:      stwc at lists.riseup.net

Stop the War Coalition
Temporary email address
stopwaruk at gmail.com


Stop the war has suffered a serious attack on its internet
site, which has been hacked, we assume by supporters of
Israel's attacks on Gaza. Our website is down and our usual
email address not functioning.

We have set up a temporary email address for you to contact
Stop the War: stopwaruk at gmail.com

We expect to restore normal service soon.

Many thanks to everyone who attended yesterday's magnificent
demonstrations in London and Edinburgh. The London
demonstration was by far the largest ever in support of
Palestine. We will send more details in our next newsletter.

Israel has announced a sharp escalation of its attacks on
Gaza. Stop the War, together with the other organisations
who helped organise Saturday's demonstration, will be
announcing soon the next stage of our campaign calling for
an immediate stop to the carnage.

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