Embezzlement of Public Funds, they create homelessness

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Lea Bridge House is a hostel in Leyton where residents have been allegedly bullied, or evicted for seeking out their rights, have allegedly had their mail tampered with and no one is doing anything about it. 

The alleged Culprit:

Chiltern Hundreds Charitable Housing Association  (look up the words
chiltern hundred to find out the meaning behind it, regarding a 380 year old law)

their commercial arm Paradgim Housing


please note that these are the links for the Fair Rent assessment
tribunal (which did not come out clearly in the petition)



They served tenants their rent incorrectly, and then used section 21
notices to evict them, i.e. those seeking out their rights and disputed
the rent increase were evicted immorally.

As a result we contacted ( MP Neil Gerrard, All Waltham Forest
Councillors, Margaret Beckett, Yvette Cooper, the Mayor of London,
Charlse Nelson, David Cameron, David Milliband, Peter Thatchell, Local,
National and International Press, damien Green, Jean Lambert, Bow County
Courts, the Royal Mail, and many others working in government.

Their bullying and intimidation techniques even meant they witheld
letter from residents for court appearances and waited till they had the
results and asked one particular resident that if she signed the new
contract for the inflated amount, then she could stay, but she must also
write to the Rent Assessment Tribunal to ask them to review her case.

As a source of further embarassment. 2 editors and journalists wrote
about the situation at Lea Bridge House, however one of the stories by
Waltham Forest Guardian were obscured. Sara Cosgrove who has
mysteriously relocated to Enfield refered to the Landlord as "Our
Owners" thus insinuating that we were owned by them. (slavery)

Although she had promised numerous tenants about writing a follow up
story, which she recently promised one of the residents, Carl Brown then
stepped in and declared that she had moved to the Enfiedl Independent,
and was not going to write further on this matter unless he thought it
newsworthy. (they are gatekeeping to hide whats gone on here)

Nevertheless, we have continued to offer transpaercy on the issues that
the media refuses to acknowledge.

At a Council Ward Meeting dated the 24th Nov, some tenants went to voice
their concerns about what was going on, however when the time came to
discuss the housing situation at Lea Bridge House, they moved us to a
seperate room, (where there were no minutes, nothing was mentioned in
the agenda about Lea Bridge house Residents , later when I confronted
the Head of Council Councillor Clyde Oakes about this, he side stepped
the issue of transparency, and we had heard that Councillor Akram had
organised this meeting, for even Paradigms Press Officer were there) As
this was the case myslef and other residents declared the meeting void
in and email to them.

These are just some of the issues that have presented themselves, in
their bid to sweep this under the carpet, a building below health and
safety standards, which they admitted to, they lured cockroaches to the
building, and also have also written a confession tantamount to
tampering with our mail.

They receive huge government grants and as a result of this the Housing
Corporation which governs Housing Associations has disappeared, (we
never saw it on the news,) and the Tenants Service Authority now govern.

What happened to the staff at the Housing Corp? Did they mysteriously
disappear, were they offered new positions at the Tenants Service

The housing Ombudsman who was also contacted, has failed to respond or
address the issues at all.

The Audit Commission were also contacted regarding this as well as the
Press Complaints Commission.

It seems that either there is no justice, or they are all in on it
together deciding behin closed doors how to make this horrible situation
and embarrassment for them to go away.

Chiltern Hundreds Charitable Housing Associaiton (part of the Paradigm
Housing Group) was the first of it's kind to start the transfer of homes
and celebrated it's 20 years of achievements in December 2008.

Paradigm Housing Group, the farce that plays both sides of the coin ( a
charity with a commercial arm), is doing it's best to shed properties in
light of the credit crunch.


Here are coments made by a tenant to the chair of Paradigm Housings
repsonse on inside housing:

http://www.insidehousing.co.uk/ <http://www.insidehousing.co.uk/>

The parent company Paradigm Housing state

"When we took over the management of the hostel in November 2007 we
explained to Waltham Forest Council that we could keep the accommodation
open only if the rents covered the costs of the services provided. To do
otherwise, given that we do not receive any subvention, would in effect
be asking our tenants to subsidise the hostel."

*According to the land registry Chiltern Hundreds "Charitable"
Housing Association purchased Leabridge House in January 2007 for
£7.6m, so therefore we ask what were their "Business" Plan in
January 2007.

The parent company Paradigm Housing state

"Since then we have spent around £350,000 on health and safety
and other improvements and have increased staffing levels to provide
24-hour cover for safety and security."

*The property already had 24 hr security before CHCHA took over yet they
proceeded to double staff and wages, we tenants believed unnecessarily,
There has been months of contractual works which tenants absurdly have
paid a premium for, The contractors are from Birmingham and stay in
hotels at the tenants cost, the building is obviously less safe and
secure notably because of the evictions and it is a working building

The parent company Paradigm Housing state 

Our rents are £90 per week (they were previously £75) and there is
a £39.95 service charge which covers staffing, heating, electricity,
water, waste disposal, basic furnishings and, in most cases, TV
licenses. All rents are eligible for housing benefit.

*Their rent increased from £75 per week all inc. to £129.95 per
week all Inc. The London Rent Tribunal Assessment Panel decided and the
Independent Rent Officer ruled, that the rent is £75 per week all
inc. So therefore a breakdown of service charges is duplicitous as
Leabridge House in October 2007 had "staffing, heating, electricity,
water, waste disposal, basic furnishings and, in most cases, TV
licenses."  We believe that only a Local Housing Allowance such as
Waltham Forest Direct would regularly pay their rent, and therefore
suspect collusion to embezzle public funds.

The parent company Paradigm Housing state 

Waltham Forest, which has been supportive throughout, has pointed out
that we are providing this accommodation to people who would otherwise
find it difficult to obtain a tenancy elsewhere in the borough and that
the rent charged compares favourably with other accommodation of this
type across London

*Obviously this form of embezzlement is wide spread.

The parent company Paradigm Housing state 

Finally, the case was heard by the local rent assessment committee, at
which we were not represented or our case heard.

*They were fully informed and were given ample opportunity to be heard
by the Rent Assessment Committee as their decision is legally binding
ergo any claims of rent arrears are fraud.


more here also:



Housing Associations can also increase their rents on a yearly basis, by
law. (they must be working closely with those that make the laws, for i
find it funny that section 21 notices (possession orders) came about at
the same time that Housing Associations were set up.)

I realise it's alot to take in and theres alot thats gone on here, but I
hope that you will support this petition and pass it on to friends,
family and all.

For if there is no justice, then the people should make the laws.


  Lea Bridge East (run by the Inner London Group) another hostel in
Leyton charges £416 / week for homeless referred by Westminster
Council, for a room, with a bathroom. the Borough of Waltham Forest
housing pay up to £400 for this accomodation in Housing Allowance /
Housing Benefit

On their website the Inner London Group claim that they provide
accomodation for keyworkers, however this is not true, all of their
tenants are homeless from Westminster.

Firstly my question is how many key workers could afford rent at £416
/ week?

And my second question is that if they could afford that kind of rent,
why would they be living on Lea Bridge Road, in Leyton of all places?

I take it that you are starting to see the corruption that is in place
within the housing market and i believe with those that run this
country, thats why the price of homes keep going up, up, up, up.

Is this recession really bringing the prices down, or is it another way
the governmet can take over our homes, banks and take away more of our
rights as human beings?

Thanks for your time.


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