Mass Non-Trespass in the Downs 25th January]

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Subject: Fw: Mass Non-Trespass in the Downs 25th January
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Subject: Fw: Mass Non-Trespass in the Downs 25th January

Dear folks
Can you read and pass on this message.

There will be a NOT TRESPASSING guided walk on the Brighton Downs next
Sunday 25th January, meeting at Housedean Farm, TQ 370 092, at 10.30am

The Farm meeting point is on the A27 halfway between Falmer/edge of
Brighton and Lewes, on the north side of the road/eastbound carriageway.
Layby parking is available. The meeting point is on the Brighton to Lewes
Cycleway. We will be walking wonderful Downland Access Land which the
farmer has so far refused to make available to the public, though he is
flouting the law in so doing.

The walk will be roughly 2 miles out and  2 miles return, though we will
be willing to consider a longer return route taking in more sites if
walkers so wish. The route will often take in steep ground, so it is
unsuitable for folk with mobility problems, and for pushchairs. Dogs
cannot be brought because there are grazing sheep and cattle. We will be
crossing several barbed wire fences, and carpets squares will be available
to assist people across without snaring.

Bring a lunch snack and a drink, and dress for poor weather.

Walkers without cars are meeting in Brighton at the Lewes Road/Elm Grove
bus stop at 10.00am sharp to catch the 28 bus. Some car drivers will also
attend the bus stop at that time to offer lifts. The bus stop is about 12
mins walk from Brighton Rail station.

Buses return to Brighton from Newmarket (on the opposite side of the road
from Housedean Farm) every 20 mins, or walkers can go forward to Lewes,
which has a rail station.

Walkers will be asked to contribute towards walk expenses. We suggest a £3
donation for those who can afford it. Come anyway, even if you can't.

Further walks will be organised regularly thereafter. The next walk will
be on Sunday March 1st.

Dave Bangs

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Subject: Mass Non-Trespass in the Downs 25th January

Hello everyone,

So after the last walk we thought we'd propose another walk. Not this
Sunday but the Sunday after (25th January). This time out beyond Falmer in

It's a nice walk set back from the road and will involve climbing two fences
Again it's a relatively steep angle so not suitable for pushchairs or
wheel chairs.
Also there is grazing sheep near by so not so suited to dogs either.

The proposed meeting place is Lewes Road Elm Grove bus stop by 10am in
order to catch the number 28 and be at Housedean Farm Bus stop by 10:30am.
We will have a few vehicles so some people may get a lift in those.

I will be cycling so will probably leave shortly after 10am from the same
bus stop. If anyone wants to join me they're welcome.

The walk is an initial 2miles and we can decide on the day which way we
would like to return. Dave knows a few interesting possibilities.

Anyone who is thinking about driving themselves can park in a parking
signed layby just after the bus stop.

Return buses are near 20 past the hour every hour or a short walk to
Sussex Campus with more regular buses and a train station.

It would be great if people could reply to give us an idea of whether we
need to hire a van.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,


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