UK/US/Israeli alliance behind Civil War in Pakistan

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Pakistan is not a 'failed state' it is buckling 
under sustained attack by the Western military
Look what happens to whistleblowers who write books such as this.......

Jihad!: The Secret War in Afghanistan (Paperback) by Tom Carew (Author)

Death of an SAS fantasist. Was Tom Carew murdered 
- or did he fake his own death?


America's War With Muslim Nations

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Tuesday, 30 June 2009 20:47

"The sooner the extremists are isolated and 
unwelcome in Muslim communities, the sooner we will all be safer".
U.S. President Barack Obama, Cairo, June 04, 2009.

According to U.S. leaders and their Zionist 
handlers, the term "extremist" is any nation or 
movement resisting U.S.-Israel domination and 
murderous ideology is defamed and deemed 
extremist. Whether in Afghanistan, in Iraq or in 
Pakistan, the extremists are part of the U.S. 
strategy to justify war of aggression.

Let's be very clear. The Muslim world is not at 
war with the West, it is the West that is at war 
with Muslim nations. Neither Afghanistan nor Iraq 
attacked the U.S. and its allies. And despite the 
widespread of the virus of Islamophobia, 
particularly in Europe and America, Muslims are 
avoiding violence. Today, it is easier to invade 
Muslim nations, murder their women and children, 
and destroy them beyond belief. George W. Bush 
and Tony Blair (the main culprits) were 
re-elected while their armies were committing 
horrendous war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. 
When will Westerners start protesting against the 
daily massacre of Muslim children by U.S.-NATO forces?

In 2001, Afghanistan was invaded and occupied 
because the U.S. accused the former Afghani 
government (known in the West as the "Taliban") 
of harbouring "al-Qaeda" extremists even when 
al-Qaeda never took responsibility for the 9/11 
attack on the U.S. When the Afghani government 
offered to apprehend those extremists on behalf 
of the U.S. if the Bush regime provided the 
evidence against them, the U.S. refused the offer 
and embarked on a murderous and illegal war of aggression.

It should be acknowledge that, "al-Qaeda" was a 
U.S. proxy used against the Soviet troops in 
Afghanistan Indeed, in the 1990s the U.S. 
supported Osama bin Laden, while at the same time 
placed him on its so-called "most wanted list of 
terrorists". Today, al-Qaeda is a card played 
when it serves Western imperialist interests.

The entire country is decimated and thousands of 
innocent Afghan civilians, mostly women and 
children have been killed since the 2001 
invasion. Recently, the United Nations reveals 
that in 2007 there were over 1,500 civilian 
deaths in Afghanistan. In 2008, the number has 
increase 40 per cent. Although Western media 
often credit the U.S.-installed Ahmed Karzai 
"Afghan Army" of conducting military operations, 
the majority of civilians were killed by 
U.S./NATO indiscriminate bombings. The motive is 
the geostrategic importance of Afghanistan 
relative to the energy-producing region in Central Asia.

According to Ken Fireman of, 
Secretary of Defence Robert Gates told the Senate 
Foreign Relations Committee on January 27, 2009: 
"U.S. goals in Afghanistan must be 'modest, 
realistic,' and 'above all, there must be an 
Afghan face on this war,' Gates said: `The Afghan 
people must believe this is their war and we are 
there to help them. If they think we are there 
for our own purposes, then we will go the way of 
every other foreign army that has been in 
Afghanistan.'" Just replace Afghanistan with Iraq 
or Pakistan and you get a clearer picture of the 
real motives behind the U.S. pursuit of war and 
violence against Muslim nations.

Furthermore, the war on Afghanistan is a test for 
a new NATO strategy as a global military 
intervention force and the future of NATO wars 
depend on this strategy being successful. 
Dominated by the U.S, NATO is an imperialist 
expeditionary force always on the look for a 
fight. Perpetual violence is its most essential 
tool to impose its worldwide imperialist 
ideology. Hence, the U.S. war on Afghanistan has 
been labelled in the media as the "good war". The 
war on Iraq is described as a "bad war" or a 
"strategic blunder", not war crime.

Iraq was invaded and occupied because the U.S. 
regime accused the Iraqi government of the late 
president Saddam Hussein of possessing `Weapons 
of Mass Destructions' (WMD) and having links with 
extremists. Of course, the pretexts were a pack 
of lies. The real motives behind U.S. violent 
aggression were: 1) to conquer Iraq's oil 
resources; and 2) to enhance Israel's Zionfascist 
expansion and dispossession of the Palestinian people.

In order to expand the war further, Pakistan is 
accused of harbouring "extremists". The CIA 
alleges ­ without a shred of evidence that Osama 
bin Laden, who according to reliable sources died 
in 2002, is "hiding" in Pakistan. Western Zionist 
media, led by the anti-Muslims propaganda organs 
like the BBC, CNN and their variants, have 
obviously abandoned the truth and instead 
continue the warmongering agenda, inventing news 
and adopting the role of cheerleader. Pakistan is 
crucified and depicted as the "front of 
terrorism". Of course, there is no hard evidence 
and the aim is to manipulate public opinion and 
prepare the world for another war. The truth is 
that the Pakistani people are against U.S. murderous war on Afghanistan.

Opportunists and apologists for U.S. war crimes 
are on the move again spreading pro-U.S. 
propaganda, without taking into consideration the 
consequences of their actions. In his latest 
fatigue in the Independent, Patrick Cockburn 
writes: "Pakistan is the root of the problem". 
And "Pakistan was always the real base for 
al-Qaeda". Of course, Cockburn has no evidence to 
support his usual recycled rubbish. To support 
his rubbish against Pakistan, Cockburn writes 
that the anti-Occupation Iraqi Resistance had 
many friends in Iran and Syria and so the Afghan 
Resistance has in Pakistan. Only a deranged cynic 
can make such a statement. The murderous U.S. 
Occupation of Iraq made only possible with Iran's cooperation with the U.S.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Rashid, a native Pakistani 
informer who is well-known for his pro-Western 
propaganda, wrote recently: "Pakistan is about to 
collapse and only unconditional aid from the U.S. 
can stop this". Rashid provided no evidence and 
his so-called analysis is just Western propaganda 
sponsored by the U.S. Zionist media. Rashid 
regurgitated Israel's Zionist propaganda word by 
word. "[A] nuclear-armed military and an 
intelligence service that have sponsored Islamic 
extremism as an intrinsic part of their foreign 
policy for nearly four decades have found it 
extremely difficult to give up their 
self-destructive and double-dealing policies". 
His is consistent with the anti-Pakistan 
propaganda spread out by pro-Israel right-wing 
Americans. "Pakistan has 173 million people and 
100 nuclear weapons, an army which is bigger than 
the American army, and the headquarters of 
al-Qaeda sitting in two-thirds of the country 
which the Government does not control", said 
David Kilcullen, a right-wing former Australian 
army officer who made a career advising the Bush 
administration during the murderous surge in Iraq 
and now a consultant to the Obama Administration.

The myth of Pakistan nuclear defence will fall in 
the hands of few U.S. proxies is a distortion of 
reality planted by Israeli propagandists and U.S. 
Zionists. The Pakistani armed forces are not 
loosing Pakistan to few U.S. proxies.

Like in Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. is sowing 
the seeds of violence in Pakistan by pitting one 
Pakistani community against the other. The arming 
and financing of militias like Tahrik-e- Taliban 
Pakistan (TTP) and Jundullah or "Soldier of God" 
by the U.S. is designed to destabilise Pakistan 
and the eventual break up of the nation in a 
Yugoslavia-like destruction. The recent surge in 
attacks targeting mosques and religious 
congregations is a case in point. "It seems to me 
a calculated conspiracy to trigger sectarian 
violence in the country in line with Iraq so that 
the public attention could be diverted from real 
issues," said Abdul Khalique Ali, a Karachi-based senior political analyst.

It is important to remember that, the TTP has 
nothing to do with the anti-occupation Resistance 
movement in Afghanistan, known in the West as the 
"Taliban". The TTP is a Pakistani religious 
fundamentalist militia based in the Swat Valley. 
It is armed by the U.S. and India through 
Afghanistan. The TTP despises the Resistance in 
Afghanistan. Jundullah is another 
anti-Iran/anti-Pakistan terrorist militia 
financed by the U.S. and Israel. It is used not 
only in Pakistan but it is also responsible for 
cross-border terrorist attacks in Iran which have 
killed a number of innocent Iranians citizens.

The problem in Pakistan is that the army has 
become a U.S. proxy army waging a war against its 
own people. It is used by the U.S. as a condom 
whenever the U.S. engaged in war. The Pakistan 
ruling clique is a Western-oriented band of 
corrupt landlords and businessmen serving U.S. 
imperialist interests at the expense of the 
majority of the Pakistani population. The 
Government's reliance on U.S. funding allows the 
U.S. to hold the nation hostage to U.S. 
conditions, including the freezing of Pakistan's 
nuclear and missiles program. The people of 
Pakistan consider the Pakistani Government 
corrupt and subordinate to U.S. demands. Hence, 
the Pakistani people support any group fighting 
the U.S.-NATO occupation that is the greatest threat to the in the region.
Under U.S. pressure the Pakistani army is 
attacking communities and towns in the 
north-western provinces and Waziristan. The 
province is home to the anti-occupation Pashtun 
tribes and fields more than thirty 
anti-occupation resistance groups. There is no 
marked border and the people share one common 
goal; the liberation of their land from foreign invaders.

Before the Pakistani army attacks, the province 
was under constant cross-border attacks by 
U.S.-NATO forces using CIA-operated drones, 
helicopter gunships and F-16s bombers in 
violation of Pakistani sovereignty. The attacks 
are now extended to include Baluchistan. 
Thousands of innocent Afghan and Pakistani 
civilians, mostly women and children, have been 
killed in indiscriminate bombardments.

In addition, the attacks have caused a 
humanitarian crisis of two to three million 
internal refugees. The situations looks more like 
the 1971 Britain-India sponsored partition of 
Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh in 
Eastern Pakistan that precipitated mass 
migrations and massacres among Muslims. The 
refugees are left on its own, relaying on private 
charities and local NGOs to survive. The 
so-called "U.S. aid" to Pakistan to "rebuild" its 
shattered economy is an empty rhetoric. In fact 
the U.S. aid is fuelling the war and destroying 
the nation. The U.S. is not in the business of 
"rebuilding". History shows that every time the 
U.S. and its allies invaded and occupied a 
defenceless nation, they installed a colonial 
dictatorship and leave the country in ruins, 
drowning in poverty, suffering, diseases and deaths.

Before he left to Saudi Arabia, President Obama 
told the New York Times (NYT 03 June 2009) that 
the pro-U.S. Arab leaders are not publicly 
expressing their concern about Iran developing 
nuclear weapons. "There are a lot of Arab 
countries more concerned about Iran developing a 
nuclear weapon than the [real] threat from 
Israel, but won't admit it", Obama told the 
Times. It is a U.S.-orchestrated propaganda war 
against Iran designed to deflect attention away 
from the serious threat to world peace posed by 
Israel's unchecked nuclear arsenal. We all know 
that Iran ­ with a legitimate right to nuclear 
technology, including uranium enrichment ­ 
doesn't posses any nuclear arm or nearer to developing one.

It is worth remembering that the same misleading 
falsehood propagated prior to the U.S. illegal 
invasion and murderous Occupation of Iraq. It was 
Dick Cheney, the U.S. most known (unindicted) war 
criminal, who went to see pro-U.S. Arab leaders. 
At the time, no one bought into U.S.-Israel 
propaganda. Most countries neighbouring Iraq have 
acknowledged that Iraq was not a threat. Indeed, 
Iraq posed no threat to any nation. The U.S. and 
its few allies are guilty of illegal war of 
aggression, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Iraq.

For decades, Iran has been demonised in the West 
and subjected to ongoing anti-Muslims racist 
propaganda campaign (Iranophobia) on behalf of 
Israel's Zionfascist regime. The U.S. and Britain 
continue meddling in Iran internal affairs, 
including fomenting unrest and inciting violence 
in order to sabotage Iran's stability. At time of 
writing, Iran is being persecuted and condemned. 
Western media ­ packed by some Western 
governments ­ are questioning the legitimacy of 
Iran's recent free and fair elections in order to 
discredit Iran's legitimate government and 
destabilise the nation (See Esam Al-Amin, 
Counterpunch, 22 June 2009). Democracy is not the 
reason behind Western meddling. Western ruling 
elites despise democracy. When did the British 
people have their chance to elect Gordon Brown? 
In 1953, the U.S. and Britain undermined and 
overthrew the democratically-elected Iranian 
government of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh 
and replaced it with one of the most vicious 
dictators. (See Ghali Hassan, Global Research, 26 
June 2005). Now, imagine anyone questioning the 
legitimacy of the U.S.-staged fraudulent and 
violent elections in Iraq and Afghanistan?

In his interview with the Times, Obama revealed 
that: "We have a joke around the White House. 
We're just going to keep on telling the truth 
until it stops working ­ and nowhere is 
truth-telling more important than the Middle 
East". In American parlance, the term "truth" 
means fabricated lie. What the President really 
meant is telling the lie, not "the truth", until 
people start believing it. That is what George W. Bush said, after all.

Meanwhile, Obama's speech in Cairo (04 June 2009) 
­ loaded with deceit, obfuscation, contradiction, 
hypocrisy, double-standards and empty of 
substance ­ was designed to manipulate public 
opinion, isolate the Islamic Republic of Iran and 
absolve Israel's occupation of Palestinian land. 
Instead of ranting from a country ruled by the 
U.S.-financed longest-serving tyrant in the 
Middle East, Obama should have travelled to Gaza 
(the largest Concentration Camp ever existed) to 
witness firsthand the countless Israeli war 
crimes, including mass graves of Palestinian 
children. Sadly, Obama failed to acknowledge and 
condemned Israel's violence and Israel's role in 
Palestinians suffering and dispossession from 
their land. Obama remains silent on the recent 
massacre of Palestinian children and the 
U.S.-Israel sponsored murderous military siege of the Gaza.

And who told Obama that Iraqis are better off 
under U.S. murderous Occupation than under a 
sovereign indigenous government? Since 2003, 
nearly 1.5 million innocent Iraqi civilians ­ 
mostly women and children ­ have been killed and 
more than 5 million Iraqis are refugees and 
displaced Iraqis. In addition to the destruction 
of Iraq's health services and the education 
system, the U.S. brought into Iraq a culture of 
corruption and violence unheard of in Iraq's 
history. Before 2003 U.S. invasion Iraq was an 
envy of the region. Today's Iraq is an example of 
a society that has been deliberately terrorised 
and reduced to state of abject destitution, its 
progressive Constitution was replaced by a 
U.S.-drafted sectarian and backwards constitution.

So far, Obama has proved to be the creation of 
the U.S. wealthy ruling class. The President is 
"a global celebrity modelled easily into a brand" 
to all people, writes author Chris Hedges. But, 
what the new brand stands for remains a mystery 
to most ordinary people inside and outside the 
U.S. Obama seems comfortable following in the footsteps of his predecessors.

It is unfortunate that many of the so-called 
"progressive" and "leftist" commentators and 
pundits are deliberately ignoring the power of 
the U.S. ruling class and instead focusing on 
Obama, the President. The President is used to 
deflect public attention away from those who 
exert real power in the U.S. It is not difficult 
to see that Obama is surrounded by a band of 
anti-Muslims/anti-Arabs Judeo-Christian white 
ruling class. It is a collection of wealthy 
Zionists who exert total control on U.S. foreign 
policy, U.S. finance, the mainstream-corporate 
media and the U.S. education system. The U.S. 
Congress is their territory and devoted entirely 
to the defence of Israel and its Zionfascist 
policies in Palestine. Indeed, the Obama 
Administration is the most Zionist administration in America's history.

It is naïve to suggest that Obama has "inherited 
difficult challenges". These are U.S. policies 
and Obama is in no position to change them. In 
fact, Obama is continuing and extending Bush's 
policies. Just after he took office, Obama said 
that: "It will be a seamless transition". In 
other words, "change" without change. As usual, 
the U.S. Senate has just approved $106 billion 
dollar war funding bill to fund the U.S. war on 
Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan.

With the U.S. war on Islamic nations has no end 
in sight, democratically elected nations are 
defamed and labelled "extremist", while brutal 
dictatorship and religious fundamentalist regimes 
are welcomed with open arms and labelled 
"moderate". Both terms have nothing to do with the character of the groups.

In his Cairo's speech President Barack Obama told 
the Muslim world: "You are either with us or 
against us". Picking and choosing America's war 
on Muslim nations is not the right way to improve 
relations with the Muslim world. Peace is. G Hass

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic 
poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung

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