Mark Thomas Gigs at MP's Squatted House Party

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Sun Jul 12 23:04:12 BST 2009

'Sex attack' at the home of MPs dubbed Mr and Mrs Expenses

By Mail On Sunday Reporter
Last updated at 11:31 PM on 11th July 2009

The main home of MPs dubbed Mr and Mrs Expenses was at the centre of a sexual assault probe last night after squatters held a party at the property. 

Labour couple Alan and Ann Keen's semi-detached house in Brentford, West London, was being guarded by police after a 42-year-old woman alleged she was seriously sexually assaulted by two men at about 2am on Saturday. 

The alleged attack came just one day after the Keens obtained a court order to clear squatters from the house. 

Mr and Mrs: Alan and Ann Keen's property was at the centre of an expenses row... and now an alleged sexual assault following a squatters invasion

The group say they are protesting against the pair's use of expenses to claim the house was their primary residence, despite not occupying it since last summer. 

'Mr and Mrs Expenses' granted court order to kick out squatters from their 'main' home 

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: 'Hounslow Police are investigating a sexual offence allegation. The offence was reported to police by a victim who is a 42-year-old female. 

'There have been no arrests but we are taking statements from people who attended the party.' 

Squatters held a party at the Keens' home... and invited left-wing comic Mark Thomas to headline a gig

The party - held to mark the last night in the squat because protesters expected to be evicted yesterday - was attended by up to 60 people. 

The alleged sex attack heaps further embarrassment on the couple following the announcement of a formal inquiry into their use of expenses.

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