Eco-VIllage Occupation London 6th June Update + Other News.

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Hello friends, 
In this report: 
News of the upcoming Eco-Village occupation taking place on a disused piece of land near Hammersmith starting on Saturday, 6th June (see attached e-flyer for details). 
The latest from the Tyting community farm occupation <--- information on how you can get involved and support the action.  
And some interesting facts about the land in Britain. 
The Eco village occupation begins on the 6th June.  Meet at Waterloo Station at 10AM under the clock.  Please try to be on time. 
********Please Note********** 
If you are coming for the opening stage of the eco-village occupation, you will need to bring a tent, water and food supplies.  If you have access to kitchen equipment and other useful tat that you would be OK to loan, please bring it along too. 
The Eco-Village Occupation is about to begin.  Infinite possibilities lie ahead; what will happen depends on what we make it.  By creating a sustainable community in the heart of the urban jungle, we have an opportunity to raise the consciousness of urban dwellers all around and shine a light on a way of living that goes far to solving the problem of the destruction of people and planet. 
During the last public planning meeting, we had consensus on the following issues: 
- A no vehicle on site policy.  In order to maximize living space and encourage people to  come to the village via sustainable means. 
- Acoustic music only.  So that we don't make enemies of the neighbours. 
- All major decisions in the eco-village to be decided via the consensual decision making of all the people in the eco-village.  
Please come along and join us.  Ideally, we are looking for committed people who share in the vision of the eco-village community and who are able to commit for an indefinite period, however if you simply want to stay for a night or two or even visit for a day, please feel free to come along.  
This eco-village occupation is inspired by The Land is Ours which campaigns peacefully for access to the land, its resources, and the decision-making processes affecting them, for everyone, irrespective of race, gender or age. for more information, please visit: 
contact Carolyn on: 01727 812369 or Gareth on: 07515 166011 or 
diggers360 at 
Tyting Community Farm Occupation. 
Six weeks ago a group of people (some fresh from the Raven's Ait occupation in Kingston) asserting their common law right to live and grow food, commenced the occupation of Tyting Community Farm in Half Penny Lane Guildford.  (a publicly owned site which has been vacant for several years). 
Guildford council (the owner of the property) has been trying without success and with much local opposition to sell the community farm off by dividing it into smaller lots. 
The council were granted an 'interim possession order' last Wednesday (27th May) and threatened to send in the police to remove anyone still on the site.  On Friday morning, various contractors arrived and boarded up the farmhouse (but no police).  
Far from denting their morale, the threat of forceful eviction has simply made those enjoying life at the farm more determined to stay their ground.  
To see a video of what's been happening at the farm please click here:  
This occupation is open to anyone who would like to be part of the community, grow vegetables and live in a sustainable way, whilst helping to retain common rights to a valuable and beautiful piece of common land.  If you want to get involved, simply grab a tent and some food (plus some seeds if you have them) and come along.  Here is a map of the location of the farm.  
Facts about the land in Britain 
did you know that.... 

 In Britain 70% of land is still owned by less than 1% of the population 
 Less than 8% of the country is under concrete 
 50% of the land in England and Wales remains unregistered 
 the Church of England has 'mislaid' 1.5 million acres it owned 100 years ago
 the Royal Family now own or control the equivalent of an average-sized county in England. 
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