Free School: Squatting, Housing and Gentrification

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A reminder that the freeschool on squatting, housing and gentrification
will be taking place this weekend, 19th - 21st June... the location will
be announced on friday morning and people are welcome to come get involved
anytime from then onwards. There will be a 'Welcome Tour' from 4-6pm
friday to give people a chance to meet each other, explore the building
and find out the story so far. Work on fixing up the building, cleaning
and decorating will be taking place as a continuous skillshare throughout
the weekend so feel free to pop round whenever you can. For the timetable
of fixed workshops/discussions see below... please note, however, that
this is likely to change so keep checking the website, text 'freeschool' to 07905 774 037
or just turn up and see what's happening :)

Friday 19th June
* 10am onwards working on the building; cleaning/fixing/decorating
* 4-6pm Welcoming tour
* 6-7.30pm Claiming Housing Benefits
* 6-7.30pm Tenant’s rights
* 7:30-8:30 dinner
* 8.30-10pm The law is an ASS (squatting laws)

Saturday 20th June
* 10am onwards working on the building; cleaning/fixing /decorating
* 1-2.30pm Save Queens Market campaign
* 2-3.30pm Housing Coop
* 3-4.30pm DCH Council Flat Occupation
* 5-6.30pm Tenants Rights
* 7-8pm Dinner
* 8pm onwards: Movies!!

Sunday 21st June
* 10am onwards working on the building; cleaning/fixing up/decorating
* 1-2:30pm Anarchy, Gender and Living Space
* 3-4.30pm Rant Session on the Property Bubble
* 5-6.30pm Squat Stories
* 7-8 Dinner
* 8-9pm Planning session for September Squats + Autonomous Days of Action

* the history of squatting
* dealing with the police/bailiffs/owners/
electricity company etc.
* building a mobile soundsystem

please circulate far and wide!

if you have a suggestion/idea/comment/enquiry or anything of that nature
email deschooling_society at

for irregular updates on events happening in london sign up to the London
FreeSchool mailing list here;
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