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“It is indeed hard to understand , and for that matter to explain,  why a crime that was perpetrated in modern times  and at a junction in modern history that called for foreign and UN observers to be present , should have been so totally ignored.”
 Professor Ilan Pappe is speaking of the expulsion, killing, robbing, raping of Palestinians in 1947/48 by Jewish forces expropriating their land , and destroying not only their houses and villages but also their history and their memory on the ground. during and immediately after the British mandate in Palestine.
I am in shock from reading his book ‘The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine’
Shocked not only at the horror, also at the  pre-meditation of these crimes by David Ben Gurion and the Zionist leadership in their ‘bunker’ in the Red House,  Tel Aviv, also at my ignorance of  these facts and also at the world ignorance/ apathy ,  at the present (willful?) callousness of tourists to the ‘Holy Land’  and also at the implications of a British Government, legally  responsible as the  controlling administration   but  failing  to act to keep the peace  though the troops were in place on the ground.
It’s a major war crime which the press did not  report as such , and which was totally misrepresented by  zionist  propaganda then as  the continuing ethnic cleansing is to-day. Perhaps most of all I am shocked by the affront to such  values as  brotherhood, justice,  liberal beliefs, and  truth and integrity.
Johnn Pilger says 
“Ilan Pappe is Israel’s bravest, most principled, most incisive historian.”
I am plucking up emotional reserves to  read the book to the end .
James, Dorchester.  
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