Minutes of first meeting to Save Ravens Ait

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Minutes for first meeting to Save Ravens Ait 08May09
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Minutes of the first meeting of Save Raven’s Ait
In attendance:

Pete Phoenix
Nick Revolving
Around 20 Students from Kingston University
Several members of the public

Introduction to current situation by Phoenix. Action by
Made audience aware of the propaganda contained in newspaper
articles and the need to correct by writing to the press
i.e. the serious libel in regard to electricity quoted as being £15,000 and the
bad press in The Sun, who were not invited to the island but used existing media
coverage information for their story, consideration of taking them to court.
Discussion of offer of paying up to £1,000 â€" even this is high, a one bedroom
Flat uses approx £25.00 per month. Sunken boat was the rubbish boat owned/used
previous land owners, nothing to do with Save Raven’s Ait Team.
Attendees asked to contact local MP’s/papers etc to keep the island in the public’s
conscience. Use website to communicate these issues Phoenix/Nick/Charlie

Outline of the discussions with Chris Wintle of Ecotricity, who
are very interested in installing a 2 megawatt windmill and could cover the
roofs in solar panels â€"this would help to develop the island into being
self-sufficient with a view to selling back to the grid. Taking this collaboration
forward should be investigated further, Phoenix/Rin to keep in touch with Chris.
Discuss possible ideas; such as Ecotricity buying island and bringing in Save Raven’s Ait
team to manage the community section â€" Team would network to encourage locals to
sign up to Ecotricity - £25.00 per person signing up to team. Ask Ecotricity to submit
this offer in writing. Phoenix/Rin

Phoenix continues to outline other options; bike/wind-up power â€" all sustainable
and alternative options for energy provision â€" hydro.

This is common land, owned by the people, point raised about issue of
purchasing the island if it is common land, though it is recognised that there is
a value that is given by Kingston Council â€" accurate amount to be ascertained, as well
a pursuing common land/law issues, even if to High Court. Phoenix/Nick

Ex-Kingston councillor outlines the purpose of the meeting; to discuss proposals
for island, to form a steering committee and other suggestions. Steering committee
should be formed by around 12 people. Keep working on strengthening proposal. Nick/Phoenix
Minutes sent on to those who have put their names on the email list, though could
be posted on facebook or website. Charlie/Nick
Nick outlines the need to seek changes around ourselves, and immediate environment,
our own ‘backyard’ â€" the set up of Raven’s Ait being an example of what can be achieved
in a short space of time, imagine what can be achieved with more time. Around 3,000
visitors in 9 weeks (300 per week). Nick outlines the passion that Raven’s Ait has unleashed
and how it can become a beacon to other communities. Overcoming differences â€" a squat
to a community centre â€" powered by own energy, feeding its passengers and providing a
space for people to meet, share, learn and experience things. The call for more people to
come on board . The future is not set, sharing of ideas, and start of a shared future vision
for one and all. Invitation for all to write on the ‘wall’, comments will be reviewed and
developed Nick
Will â€" Kingston Uni architect â€" working with communities to achieve their vision â€" shows
representation of possibilities with Raven’s Ait. Kingston Borough Council riverside project
aiming to enhance the attraction of borough’s riverside â€" opportunities for
non-boat owning community, visitor moorings, general improvement to riverside which
Raven’s Ait sits very well within this vision of the council. Thames Landscape Strategy work
very closely with Kingston Council with emphasis on community action, committed to
increasing education access within the Thames environment. The island â€" creation of
more visual space where you meet the island â€" greater glazing to bring in both river banks
into the island. Central space for learning/workshops/bookshop/ local knowledge archivesetc .
Leisure side (left) youth/event spaces, cinema, veg garden, cafe, theatre, music. Right side
Kingston end â€" more practical environmental project â€"showcase - space â€" access to
first floor workshops â€" which are very revenue successful. Moorings opportunities
â€" residential â€" commercial - leisure â€" boat hire and community boating. The island offers
the opportunity for skills sharing between business and professionals, local institutions and
the community. The need for sustainability is a key concern â€" it could be seen as a place
of exchange - skill sharing â€" providing a single space for council, university, business and
community to come together â€" and a pioneering place for the borough of Kingston.

Meeting breaks for writing on the wall and workgroups who are given a topic each.
Set up account asap via steering group so money can be raised â€" any monies donated
should island project not proceed money would be donated to local community for
use as they wish â€" to be discussed and voted on as things develop Nick/Phoenix
The meeting demonstrated the need for greater development of community cohesion - it may be that the Uni students would be interested in organising local awareness campaigns â€" how else can this be achieved? How to get the word around and gather more support. Gum Tree â€" in-house website â€" networking
Have a Save Raven’s Ait stall in town one day with visuals â€" petition for signing â€" proposal and other publicity about the proposal- arrange meeting with Twickenham Riverside group? Who have been campaigning against Richmond Council in regard to the council’s proposed private development of the old Twickenham Swimming baths site, they may have useful information to share.
Post proposal onto website for viewing to gain more support, get feedback to develop it from a community perspective, try to get it published in local paper, or outline of the plan, find out if it can be placed in Kingston Green Centre with the visuals of how the island could look and be as drawn by Will, along with a petition paper â€" heading needs to be created for a petition.
Have stalls at local summer events/school fetes/ arrange to go into schools to do talks?
If a petition signed by 10k people is submitted to Government the matter must be addressed by the House of Commons.
Clarify the Hansard ruling â€" add this onto the website for easy viewing.
Identify and develop relationships with local businesses that may offer support, John Lewis, Waitrose (very green), Bentalls, and other local businesses. â€" who is going to do this? How? When by?

Meeting thrown open to the floor â€" no questions though Piers made a very valid comment but I don’t have a record of it
Next meeting planned for 3 weeks â€" sometime around end May â€" Nick to organise and inform everyone on email list â€" everyone to network it.
Results from workgroups/brainstorming session
Funding â€" adopt a piece of the island/airspace to raise funds â€" how much is island? What is projected cost of purchasing? Running
Check out internet fundraising options such as Everyclick and Wisdom Trust
Patronage from local or environmental celebs; David Attenborough â€" Bianca Jagger â€"
Zac Goldsmith â€" Jamie Oliver (film production company) â€" Radiohead .
Grants and funding from Arts Council â€" Surrey County policy/Mason â€" Vegan/Vegetarian cafe â€" rotary local/international â€" though it was recognised that none of this can be done without the set up of either a charity or community bank account.
Local business â€" work with Kingston Green centre/Green fair organisers to develop these contacts
The island vision
book club discussion group juggling circus skills eco centre traditional craft sat cinema club roller disco workshops for food skills/share â€" music studio â€" spiritual awareness workshop â€" youth centre â€" tea dances â€" bingo â€" knitting circle â€" elders â€" freeman law centre- chess group-any community use
school trips/sensory garden/roof garden â€" sliding pontoon for additional spaceâ€" camping â€" community
Swimming pool â€" non-chlorine â€" river tours â€" greenhouse â€" outdoor kitchen â€" earthships
Renewable stage â€" open team building space â€" outdoor art

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