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Land Theft and Destruction

cling to their homes in Silwan
father gets this," the municipal inspector tells 
a ten-year-old boy at the gate of the concrete 
house in an alleyway in the al-Bustan quarter of 
Silwan, a Palestinian neighborhood right under 
the shadow of the walled Old City. "This" is a 
court-approved demolition notice, "No. 59." It's 
for a house under imminent threat of being torn 
down by the Israeli authorities because it does 
not have the requisite building permit.

cave-dweller fights Israeli eviction
A Palestinian camping in an ancient cave near 
Jerusalem said he has been told by Israeli 
authorities to get out because the hillside is 
slated for a housing development and his "illegal" home will be demolished.

Bank village: Settlement's fence keeps us off our land
(Video) Since 2003, residents of Jaba claim fence 
blocking them access to their land. 'Unclear who 
put it up, but Civil Administration not doing anything'.

restraint like this..., Akiva Eldar
When U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 
holds her next press conference, someone should 
ask her, as the person who praised the Netanyahu 
government's restraint over the settlements, what 
she has to say about the following declaration: 
"Many housing units are being built in Judea and 
Samaria on the basis of permits from various periods."

troops: We will never evacuate Homesh
Bethlehem - Ma'an - Soldiers of the reservist 
Shimshon Battalion expressed their support for 
soldiers who brandished signs against the 
evacuation of the Homesh settlement in the West 
Bank, Israeli media reported on Wednesday.

Activism/Solidarity/Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment
union joins Israel boycott
Bethlehem – Ma’an – A French labor union 
decided to to join the international movement to 
apply Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) 
on Israel, a statement from the National Work 
Confederation (Confédération Nationale du Travail - CNT) said Wednesday.

symbolically dismantle sections of the wall
Two decades after the fall of the Berlin wall, 
walls of separation still exist throughout the 
world. Israel's wall in the West Bank is much 
bigger than the Berlin wall ever was, as it 
encloses more than two million Palestinians 
inside the occupied West Bank. This wall 
separates Palestinians from their families, land, 
natural resources and communities. However, in a 
symbolic action documented in video and 
photographs, Palestinians managed to symbolically dismantle part of the wall.

legal struggle continues
The villagers of Bilin are pushing forward in 
their nonviolent struggle against the Israeli 
occupation by appealing a Quebec Superior Court 
ruling in their case against two Canadian 
companies. The residents of Bilin are suing Green 
Park International and Green Mount International, 
two companies that, they argue, should be held 
legally accountable for illegally building 
residential homes and settlement infrastructure 
on the village's land. Jillian Kestler-D'Amours 
reports for The Electronic Intifada.

students organize for justice
In order to find sustainable alternatives to the 
Palestinian-Israeli conflict a new group calling 
itself the Justice Makers has been formed across 
the law departments in Palestinian universities. 
Two of the founders, Mohammed Eliwa and Yousef 
al-Nouri, are both fourth-year law students from 
al-Azhar University in Gaza. "The Justice Makers 
is about finding new ways within the 
international justice system to forward our 
case," al-Nouri explained. "We have had enough of 
this conflict and we study law because it is the 
only way of regaining our rights," stated Eliwa.

the Mets: Don’t support the settlers – Cancel 
the Hebbron Fund fundraiser, Adam Horowitz
The Mets are still planning on 
the Hebron Fund this November 21st for a 
fundraiser at Citi Field. Activists are asking 
that people 
the Mets to voice your displeasure. I did earlier 
today and here’s the response they sent back.

<>Palestine: Cracked and Shrinking Maps
Interview with Palestinian artist Suleiman 
Mansour by Aaron Lakoff Photo: Painting on the 
apartheid wall near Ramallah by Suleiman Mansour 
Suleiman Mansour is one of Palestine’s most 
renowned painters. Active in the Palestinian 
artist community since the 1970s, he has 
contributed greatly to art education and 
promotion in the West Bank. He is a co-founder of the [...]

Violence and Aggression
settlers injuries two Palestinians in Hebron city
Two Palestinian civilians were inquired late 
Tuesday night when Israeli settlers attacked them 
at the southern West Bank city of 
Hebron.  Witnesses said that teenagers, Hatem Al 
Sharabati, 17, and his brother, Hazim, 16, were 
in their way home when settlers from Tal Al 
Rumaida, in Hebron old city, attacked 
them.  Doctors at the local hospital announced 
that the two brother sustained cuts and broses 
due to the attack and were released from hospital on Wednesday morning.  [end]

PA security detained five supporters
Bethlehem – Ma’an – Five Hamas supporters were 
detained over er the past two days by the 
Palestinian Authority’s security services, 
Hamas said in a statement released on 
Wednesday.  The statement explained that the 
detainees were from Nablus in the north, Bethlehem and Hebron in the south.

forces detain Palestinian, two youths sustain beating
Ramallah – Ma’an – Israeli forces detained a 
Palestinian in in the town of Aqraba, Nablus, 
beat two youths from Hebron and raided a number 
of houses in different locations across the West 
Bank, the information office of the Palestinian police said on Wednesday.
The information office stated that Israeli forces 
raided the town of Aqraba and detained Amjad 
Yousef Derieh, 42.  They added that Hussam 
Wa’el Ash-Sharabati, 16, and his brother Hazem, 
15, were transferred to Hebron hospital for 
bruising sustained while Israeli forces struck 
them in the Old City of Hebron, the information office said.

Israeli military kidnaps 12 civilians from the West Bank
The Israeli military kidnapped on Wednesday 12 
Palestinian civilians during invasions targeting 
a number of West Bank communities in the West Bank.

Humanitarian Issues/Human Rights/Discrimination
aid to enter Gaza on Wednesday
Gaza – Ma’an – The European medical aid convoy 
from âm “Miles of Smiles” that was prohibited 
from delivering its cargo to Gaza on Monday will 
be allowed to enter the Strip on 
Wednesday.   Hamdi Sha’th, head of the 
committee against the siege, said “the delay 
was due to equipping the rest of the convoy in 
Al-Arish, and the aid will enter Gaza tomorrow.”

abu Halima, victim of white phosphorus attack, is 
on her way to California, Philip Weiss
Great news. Farah Abu Halima, a three-year-old 
who was badly injured by an Israeli white 
phosphorus attack that destroyed most of her 
family last January, has reportedly left Gaza and 
is in Egypt now with her grandmother. She has a 
visa to the U.S. and is to fly out on Saturday, 
headed for hospital treatment in San Diego. In 
the photo above, you can see the burns on her 
chin and throat. The burns across her abdomen and 
legs are far worse and have already affected her 
growth. Her hand is also damaged.

State discriminating between Jews, Arabs
Nazareth Juvenile Court acquits teen accused of 
attempting to sabotage police car during 
Operation Cast Lead, criticizing State's 'systematic selective enforcement'.

slam IDF's 'racial discrimination'
Military appeals court's decision not to demote 
Brigadier-General Moshe Tamir for lying to 
commanders angers association of veteran Druze 
officers, after Brigadier-General Imad Fares 
forced to retire from army over similar incident.

live in Israel, too, Antony Loewenstein
Life for Arabs in Israel is tough and far from 
the democracy claimed by Zionists and its 
feature in the magazine Moment outlines the 
challenges faced by 20 percent of Israel’s 
population. The Other Israel Film Festival opens 
in Israel this week and appears to want to 
address the issues largely ignored by the Western 
press and a chauvinistic Jewish state.

urges new Lebanon govt over Palestinians (AFP)
AFP - The Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas on 
Wednesday called on the newly-formed Lebanese 
unity government to improve conditions for 
hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees in the country.

Political Developments

pressure on Abbas after Netanyahu visit
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's 
low-profile White House visit, widely portrayed 
as frosty, in fact broke the ice in his relations 
with President Barack Obama, a senior Israeli 
official said on Wednesday. And since the meeting 
on Monday, Washington has been keeping the 
pressure on Palestinians to resume peace talks 
without an Israeli settlement freeze first.

upbeat about Washington talks with Obama
ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE, Md., Nov 10 (Reuters) - 
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 
concluded an unusually low-key U.S. visit on 
Tuesday voicing confidence that his White House 
talks would benefit Israel's security and peacemaking efforts.

repeats demand for Jewish settlements freeze
Palestinian president uses fifth anniversary of 
Arafat's death to demand halt on construction 
before talks with Israel.  Mahmoud Abbas today 
underlined the stark reality of the stalemate in 
the Middle East peace process by again demanding 
a complete halt to settlement building in the 
West Bank before talks with Israel can 
resume.   The Palestinian president used the 
fifth anniversary of the death of Yasser Arafat, 
his predecessor, to warn that he would not return 
to negotiations unless Binyamin Netanyahu, 
Israel's prime minister, changed tack. Netanyahu 
has promised to exercise "restraint" on 
settlements but snubbed Barack Obama by insisting 
that "natural growth" in existing Jewish outposts 
will continue. Abbas said that too must end, as 
must Israel's exclusion of east Jerusalem, which 
the Palestinians want as their future capital, 
from the scope of any peace deal.

gov't discusses Abbas speech in weekly cabinet meeting
Ramallah – Ma’an – The caretaker government in 
Ramallah deciecided to form a steering committee 
to help reduce its dependence on foreign aid and 
to develop pillars of national economy based on 
the Palestinian treaty to end the occupation and 
establish a state, during its weekly meeting on 
Tuesday.  In addition, cabinet members discussed 
President Mahmoud Abbas’ speech which had far 
reaching political implications. Concerned with 
Israel’s intransigence over resuming 
negotiations and restoring credibility to the 
peace process, Abbas’ speech further discussed 
the role of the Quartet, particularly that of the 
US, and the state of internal division and risks 
for Palestinian national aspirations.

must stand by his decision',Lamis Andoni
Most pundits have dismissed the announcement by 
Mahmoud Abbas that he will not seek re-election 
as the president of the Palestinian Authority 
(PA) as a tactical move.  But Abbas has, so far, 
dodged pressures to back down, informing the 
Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Fatah 
leaderships that his decision is final.  For the 
sake of the Palestinians and for the sake of a 
just peace, Abbas should not budge.

We may seek UN resolution on Palestinian state
Senior Fatah member Mohammad Dahlan says PA may 
seek Security Council resolution on borders of 
Palestinian state; PA government says it will 
continue to implement plan aimed at ending occupation.

official calls for unilateral declaration of Palestinian state
RAMALLAH, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- A senior Fatah 
official on Wednesday called for a unilateral 
declaration of a Palestinian statehood in 
response to the standstill in peace negotiations 
with Israel.  "The old basis of the peace process 
did not achieve their national goals and peace," 
said Nasser al-Qedwa, a member of Fatah central committee.

PA must reject Netanyahu's proposal
Gaza – Ma’an – The Democratic Front for the 
Liberation on of Palestine (DFLP) called on the 
Palestinian Authority and Arab countries to 
reject Netanyahu’s calls for “Palestinian 
negotiations without preconditions,” according 
to an official statement from the party released on Tuesday.

PA should not act as a cover for IOA
MP Dr. Mustafa Al-Barghouthi, the secretary 
general of the Palestinian national initiative 
party, has said that none would accept the PA to 
act as a cover for the Israeli occupation authority (IOA).

says hand extended for Hamas reconciliation
RAMALLAH, West Bank, Nov 11 (Reuters) - 
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on 
Wednesday his hand was extended to Hamas for 
reconciliation and called on his Islamist rivals 
to sign an Egyptian proposal to end their 
division. "We have agreed to the Egyptian 
document and we call upon Hamas to accept it 
without procrastination," he said. "Our hand is extended for reconciliation."

Calls On Hamas To Sign The Egyptian Initiative
As the Palestinians mark the fifth anniversary of 
the death of the late Palestinian President, 
Yasser Arafat, Fateh movement called on Hamas to 
sign the Egyptian Initiative for internal Palestinian unity.

“Nobody Will Be Sorry To See Abbas Leave”
Member of the Hamas Political Bureau, Mahmoud 
Zahhar, stated that nobody will be sorry to see 
President Mahmoud Abbas leaving his political 
life and position as president, and added that 
Abbas did not achieve any positive accomplishment.

fails to match rhetoric on Mideast strategy
Top diplomats acknowledge that Washington has 
failed to make substantial progress on the 
Arab-Israeli conflict and that Tehran was likely to reject a compromise offer.

Emanuel: Dialogue is the only path to peace
The U.S. will remain actively engaged, and 
Israel's one true friend. The Palestinians must 
come to the table, recognize Israel's right to 
exist and reject violence," he went on to say.

King Abdullah urge Israeli settlement halt (AFP)
AFP - Prime Minister Gordon Brown and King 
Abdullah II of Jordan called on Israel Tuesday to 
halt settlement activity on Palestinian land, a 
spokesman said after talks in London.

Other News
report met with muted enthusiasm in Gaza
Tareq Abu Daya, owner of a popular souvenir shop 
in the heart of Gaza City, has recently offered 
his customers a new kuffiyeh, or traditional 
checkered scarf, on which the name of Judge 
Richard Goldstone is inscribed. "When the famous 
UN report of Judge Richard Goldstone was first 
made public, I thought of something that would be 
in honor of such a significant report that 
accuses Israel of war crimes against Gaza during 
the last war," Abu Daya said. Rami Almeghari 
reports from the occupied Gaza Strip.

death commemorated
Bethlehem – Ma’an – Palestinians around the 
world mark on WedWednesday the fifth anniversary 
of the death of President Yasser Arafat.  In the 
West Bank, where Arafat’s Fatah movement still 
rules, a mass celebration is planned. Thousands 
are expected to attend the event, which will take 
place at the Muqata, the Palestinian Authority headquarters in Ramallah.

police, bedouin clash in Sinai over cement
ISMAILIA, Egypt, Nov 11 (Reuters) - Egyptian 
police and Sinai bedouin tribesmen clashed on 
Wednesday after police seized cement they said 
was bound for Gaza via smuggling tunnels, and 11 
police were injured, security sources said.  The 
sources said dozens of bedouin pelted police with 
stones after authorities confiscated goods 
including 200 tonnes of cement in a raid on a 
storage facility near the Gaza-Egypt border.

Egypt bans Palestinian leaders from performing Hajj
Gaza – Ma’an – Hamas leader Ismail Al-Ashqar 
and other Pr Palestinians leaders banned from 
performing Hajj by Egyptian authorities, he said 
on Tuesday.  In a telephone interview Al-Asqar 
said that he was prevented from travelling to 
Saudi Arabia via Egypt to perform Hajj.

Palestine to receive $700 mln investment
RAMALLAH, West Bank, Nov 10 (Reuters) - 
Investment of $700 million is planned in mobile 
phone company Wataniya Palestine over the next 10 
years, the chairman of Qatar Telecommunications 
<>QTEL.QA said on Tuesday.

crossing eases Israeli Arab commerce in W.Bank
* Blair, Shalom say it will boost Palestinian economy
* Jenin governor highlights need for "political stability"

family plans to sue Teitel
Family of Samir Balbisi, an east Jerusalem taxi 
driver allegedly murdered by Yaakov Teitel, 
announces plans to sue 'Jewish terrorist' as well 
as National Insurance Institute.

Israel team welcome if we win World Cup bid
Qatar would let Israel take part in a World Cup 
on its territory despite not recognizing the 
Jewish state, the head of the Gulf nation's bid 
to stage the 2022 soccer extravaganza said on Tuesday.

figures out what went wrong in Lavon affair - 55 years later
Fifty-five years after the notorious failure of 
an Israeli sabotage operation in Egypt, Military 
Intelligence has finally gotten around to 
figuring out what went wrong. The answer? Pretty much everything.

Jews and the one-state solution
One of the most commonly voiced objections to a 
one-state solution for Palestine/Israel stems 
from the accurate observation that the vast 
majority of Israeli Jews reject it, and fear 
being "swamped" by a Palestinian majority. Across 
the political spectrum, Israeli Jews insist on 
maintaining a separate Jewish-majority state. 
Does this mean that a peaceful one-state outcome 
is so unlikely that Palestinians should not 
pursue it, and should instead focus only 
"pragmatic" solutions that would be less fiercely 
resisted by Israelis? Ali Abunimah comments for The Electronic Intifada.

Obama Have a Mideast Plan B?, Tony Karon
It’s hardly surprising that President Barack 
Obama chose to schedule a White House visit by 
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 
the dead of night on Monday, because right now 
Obama has little to show for his 10-month effort 
to revive a Middle East peace process. The 
Israeli leader’s refusal to abide by 
Washington’s demand for a complete freeze of 
settlement construction in the West Bank and East 
Jerusalem — annd the Palestinians’ refusal to 
enter talks without one — has left the Obama 
Administration’s plans in tatters, with 
Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud 
Abbas threatening to resign and pull the plug on 
the PA and the peace process of which it forms a part.

/ Obama's good intentions lead nowhere
And finally, the Middle East. Obama started his 
presidency with an announcement that he would act 
vigorously to achieve an Israeli-Palestinian 
peace agreement; he appointed George Mitchell as 
his special envoy. But what happened to Mitchell 
is what happened to other envoys to the region: 
Faced with a lack of political will among the 
quarrelling parties, the envoys have been left 
helpless. When Mitchell got entangled in the 
freezing of construction in the settlements, he 
wasted much of America's political capital. After 
all, how can someone who cannot handle "natural 
growth" in the settlements achieve an overall solution to the conflict?

Way Obama?, George S. Hishmeh
Like most of his predecessors, Barack Obama has 
failed to come up with a logical approach to 
resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, now 
in its 62nd year. Many optimists on both sides of 
the great divide had believed that he would this 
month take his first, tough step towards bringing 
the two sides to agree on the outlines of a settlement.

Carter letter to the editor: Re “Call White 
House, Ask for Barack,” by Thomas L. Friedman (column, Nov. 8):
Mr. Friedman is advocating what some Israelis 
want and no Palestinian wants: a perpetuation of 
the status quo, and for the United States to 
“just get out of the picture.” He claims that 
we Americans want peace more than the Israelis 
and the Palestinians. Certainly that is not true 
of the Palestinians, who are suffering horribly 
in Gaza and are oppressed and deprived of freedom 
and human dignity in the West Bank and East 
Jerusalem.  Most thinking Israelis — including 
Ehud OOlmert, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Barak, all 
conservatives — have recognized thhat a 
continuation of the status quo will be a 
catastrophe for Israel, as a single nation 
continues to evolve between the Jordan River and 
the Mediterranean Sea. With a majority of Arab 
voters, Israel will soon cease to be a Jewish 
state, or else be forced to become a truly 
apartheid regime.  Instead of waiting for 
Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas to beg us, 
which won’t happen, America needs to put 
forward on our own initiative a plan for two 
states, perhaps based on the Arab initiative, 
which calls for diplomatic and economic 
recognition of Israel within its secure borders, 
side by side with Palestinians in a viable and 
contiguous state.  As President Obama and other 
world leaders know, a quiescent America will 
bring nothing but catastrophe.  Jimmy Carter -Atlanta, Nov. 8, 2009 [end]

Nasr hearts Israeli propaganda, As`ad Abukhalil
Octavia Nasr started her career with the LBC-TV. 
But she started when LBC-TV was in fact 
officially the militia TV propaganda outlet for 
the Lebanese Forces militia in Lebanon (the 
fascistic, sectarian Christian militia, armed and 
supplied by Israel and later by Saddam). She 
later got a stint with CNN, despite her poor 
command of English (not to mention her poor 
command of Arabic). A well-known CNN 
"personality" sent me this: Octavia Nasr is a 
for an Israeli propaganda conference. The CNN 
source (who shall remain anonymous lest he/she 
loses her/his job) tells me that the Israeli 
consulate in Atlanta's "sole purporse, I've been 
told, is to stay close to CNN HQ".  [end]

Street believes in Santa Claus
<>J Street 
release an utterly meaningless statement that 
the position of Benjamin Netanyahu. The 
occupation won’t end and Jerusalem shared (if 
that’s the goal) in the current circumstances.

Non-Profit, Central Fund of Israel Supports Settler Reign of Terror
Some time ago, Phil Weiss noted that one of the 
more successful settler fundraising vehicles was 
the Central Fund of Israel, which raised 
$12-million in 2007 on behalf of some of the most 
extreme of West Bank settlements.  The Fund 
breaks out its support in various categories, one 
of which I found extremely interesting: 
Fund’s 207 IRS 990 form lists over $500,000 
spent to support settlement security.  If you 
think about what would fall under this rubric, it 
would be guns, ammunition, K-9 attack dogs, night 
vision equipment, communications equipment: all 
the paraphernalia that reinforce the reign of 
terror that settlements impose in their 
Palestinian neighbors.  In fact, it’s 
legitimate to ask whether some of these 
settlements might not have used donations raised 
through the Central Fund for guns and other 
weapons used to attack, maim and even kill 
Palestinians, though I should be clear that I 
haven’t yet seen any documentary evidence to 
support this.  But it seems only reasonable to 
assume that this is a highly possible, and even likely scenario.

right of return, universal justice, and U.S. foreign policy, Philip Weiss
A reader named Matt responds to 
Omar Barghouti post of yesterday and raises the 
issues of one-state and the right of return. To 
be journalistic about it, these issues have often 
divided the Palestinian solidarity movement. 
Medea Benjamin and Naomi Klein have both stated 
that they are agnostic about one state or two 
states. And meantime, Norman Finkelstein dropped 
out of the Free Gaza march recently over right of 
return language, which he opposes. On the other 
hand, the group Jews Against the Occupation 
specifically coalesced around support for the 
right of return. I gather that Palestinians are 
not so divided about the right. And yes, Matt is 
right in saying that this site has largely 
avoided tackling the question. I publish his 
letters to stir debate and help people think.

The Onion, not The Colbert Report: It’s the “Jew Flu”, Cecilie Surasky
 where to start?  From Martin Buber to 
Daniel Boyarin to Naomi Klein to Yeshayahu 
. Uzi Silber writes in Ha’aretz that 
thhey’ve all got an incurable disease, “the 
Jew flu”, which generates “a malignant 
emotional and moral identification with people 
committed to (one’s) annihilation,” 
kind of 
like ‘abused children.â’ It’s funny, 
because it’s so ridiculous, especially as he 
tries to explain how people who happily identify 
as Jews are literally diseased for no other 
reason than their opposition to Israeli policy.

and Israel walls

3 Iraqis Killed, 3 Wounded
The Turkish government unveiled a new peace plan 
that promises to end a 25-year-long guerilla war 
with the Kurdistan Workers Party. Meanwhile, at 
least three Iraqis were killed and three more 
were wounded in the latest violence.

people killed in gunfire, bomb attacks in Iraq
Three Iraqi people were killed, two others 
wounded, and 16 more detained, including a dean 
of a college, in separate bomb attacks and 
gunfire in the provinces of Salahudin and Diyala on Tuesday, police said.

court rules Guardian defamed Nouri al-Maliki
Court orders Guardian to pay prime minister 
damages over article that quoted allegations of 
increasing authoritarianism.  An Iraqi court has 
ordered the Guardian to pay Nouri al-Maliki 
damages of 100m dinar (£52,000) after supporting 
a complaint by the Iraqi prime minister's 
intelligence service that he had been defamed by 
a Guardian story in April describing him as increasingly autocratic.

firm Blackwater in Iraq bribery scandal: report (AFP)
AFP - Executives at US security firm Blackwater 
approved secret payments of about one million 
dollars to Iraqi officials to "silence their 
criticism" after company guards killed 17 
civilians in Baghdad in 2007, the New York Times has said.

flights over Lebanon break resolution: UN
UNITED NATIONS (AFP) – All Israeli military 
flights over Lebanon brreak a resolution aimed at 
ending the 2006 hostilities between the two 
neighbors, a UN envoy said Tuesday.  "Every 
single Israeli overflight of Lebanon is a 
violation, your question gives me a welcome 
opportunity to repeat that," the UN special envoy 
for Lebanon, Michael Williams, told reporters.

condemns four alleged Israel spies to death
A Lebanese military court on Wednesday sentenced 
to death a first sergeant in the county's 
Internal Security Forces charged with spying on behalf of Israel.

new Lebanese cabinet, As`ad Abukhalil
So there is a new Lebanese cabinet. Nothing new. 
Lebanon was and will be always on the verge of 
civil war, even if it does not descend into civil 
war. The cabinet will not solve a thing. A few 
remarks. The former leftists in the cabinet: 
Hariri Minister, Hasan Mnaymnah (a professor at 
the Lebanese University, not to be confused with 
a former leftist in the US by that name, who 
works with Kenan Makiya), was appointed a 
minister of Education. He has been working in the 
Hariri apparatus for years. In his youth, he was 
active in the Communist Action Organization, but 
left in 1973, as a leader of the organization 
informs me. He is a secular and is not part of 
the Salafi-Wahhabi branch of the Hariri movement. 
His wife told NBN TV that he likes mulukhiyyah 
and grape leaves. His favorite sport is walking, 
to the store across the street and back. I am 
told that Birri's Minister of Foreign Affairs, 
`Ali Shami, was also previously a member of the 
Lebanese Communist Party. He is not distinguished 
and not much is known about him. Has not been active in years. {continued]

worked to death in Lebanon | Dalila Mahdawi
Four Ethiopian domestic workers are thought to 
have killed themselves in three weeks. Lebanon 
must protect these women.  They mop floors, take 
out the rubbish, walk the dog, buy groceries and 
care for the children, the elderly or disabled. 
Many a well-to-do and lower middle class Lebanese 
family relies on migrant domestic workers to take 
care of their household, but when it comes to 
providing for these women, not all return the favour.

U.S. and Other World News
responsibility for the wars one cheers on
The NYT columnist who has supported four wars on 
Muslims in six years decries the Islamic disregard for human life.

in strip clubs: why did the New York Times delete 
that reference?, As`ad Abukhalil
So a front page article in the New York Times is 
about links between Nidal Hasan and a Yemeni 
cleric.  But the second part of the article on 
page A 21 makes a reference to Hasan's 
frequenting of Strip clubs. It mentioned that he 
paid for lap dances there. So I wanted to share 
that news in on this blog, but discovered that 
the reference was 
from the article on the web? This is not the 
first time that I discover that the New York 
Times edits and changes articles after they 
appear in the hard copy edition of the paper. I 
feel it is so unethical: I don't run a newspaper 
but I tell people often that I don't change posts 
after I post them. This article talks about Hasan's love of strippers.


O'Reilly: 'We Can't Kill All The Muslims... So We 
Wanna Win As Many Hearts And Minds As We Can'
Bill O'Reilly believes that the US effort to win 
the popular support of Muslims around the world 
is based on the notion that the US cannot kill 
every single Muslim. There are roughly 1.3-1.5 
billion followers of Islam worldwide.  O'Reilly 
brought this up during a discussion Tuesday 
evening about alleged Fort Hood gunman Nidal 
Hasan. The Fox News host was discussing the 
alleged attack with novelist and retired Lt. Col. 
Ralph Peters who was "outraged" that Obama did 
not refer to the attack as terrorism during his 
speech at Tuesday's 

Robertson: Islam isn’t a religion; treat Muslims like fascists
Conservative commentators are ratcheting up 
anti-Muslim rhetoric in the wake of last week's 
Fort Hood massacre, with televangelist Pat 
Robertson leading the way with a declaration that 
Islam is "not a religion," but a "political 
system" bent on destroying all the world's governments.

Americans blast 'unjust' U.S. health care reform bill
The organization representing North Americans in 
Israel has called on its members to fight a U.S. 
health care bill that would require U.S. citizens 
living abroad to pay $750 annually for insurance they may not be able to use.

Marakis Assaulted: Greek Orthodox Priest Attacked 
By Marine Reservist In Fit Of Anti-Muslim Hysteria
It's not for nothing that General George Casey 
against an anti-Muslim backlash in the wake of 
the Fort Hood massacre. But a whole slew of 
childlike nimrods, spurred to action by Casey 
vowing that it would be "a shame if our diversity 
became a casualty," have taken the stage to decry 
such concerns as "political correctness." 
Malkin complained that this was worshiping "the 
false god of diversity." 
Robertson demanded that Muslims be treated as 
"members of some fascist group." So much good 
sense, being made! And so, naturally, the 
backlash Casey warned of has now expanded to include Greek Orthodox priests.

warns against Yemen meddling - 10 Nov 09
Iran's foreign minister has sharply warned 
Yemen's neighbours to stay out of the country's 
internal affairs as the fighting between Yemeni 
rebels and Saudi forces intensifies. But Saudi 
Arabia says its military offensive will continue 
until the Houthi rebels withdraw from the two 
countries' border. Hashem Ahelbarra reports from Sanaa.

Khan - Rise of the Muslim middle class - 10 Nov 09 - Pt1

Khan - RIse of the Muslim middle class - 10 Nov 09 -Pt 2


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