Reclaim the Earth Centre - people power needed for occupation campaign

Mark mark at
Wed Oct 7 18:21:19 BST 2009

Attention: Do you want to live more cheaply? Learn and share skills,
support yourself and build community?
We need support for the takeover of the Earth Centre, we intend to
transform it into a camp for sustainable living and community activism.

Article posted here with pics:

The Earth Centre was developed on derelict land left over from former coal
pits, it was intended to be the museum for the millenium. Initial plans
were for a gradual development of the site, incorporating community-led
projects and with much construction work being undertaken by Mowlem, who
used the site to train apprentices. The first stage of that project opened
in 1994, including a sustainable aquaculture centre and a community farm.

In 1995 the Millennium Commission made an award to Earth Centre, which
became one of its Landmark Millennium projects. The site was completely
redesigned and virtually all existing landscaping and projects were
destroyed, which lost the goodwill of the local community who felt
excluded from the project. From 1996 work progressed on the remediation of
the remaining polluted land and the design and construction of the many
buildings and exhibitions.

In September 2004 the attraction closed to the public, and only pre-booked
school parties were allowed. By the end of October, the Earth Centre,
monument to Sustainability, was to the money men un-sustainable and was
put in the hands of administrators. It is now in the hands of the Council
who surprise surprise have made no effort to return it to its original
intent. Instead the council chooses to allow access to Cerberus Airsoft a
company specialising in providing war games and shooting outings to a
select membership group. General public will be thrown off by the police!!

We think that this is an amazing site and the original concept behind the
Earth Centre is a fantastically intelligent way of educating communities
about sustainable living. It is now the time to return the Earth Centre to
the people.

We need support in many forms to make this happen. To begin with we need
people to come and help occupy the site, we will need tools and
volunteers. This is a great opportunity for anyone that has been wanting
to live in a community, in an eco village setting and a real chance to put
South Yorkshire on the map for environmental education and lifestyle.

Please help contact -  thereismore2lfefolks at

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