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I’m incandescent, so this paper may spontaneously combust.
For the last month I have been fighting my local council who have chosen as their
‘preferred partner’ `in the proposed development` of Dorchester Town centre,
a firm which has just been fined by OFT some £800,000 for rigging bids for public contracts. One hundred and two other plc’s  got fingered and fined too.
Then there were the past £million  fines for Microsoft, BP, Woolworths, Matalan …
-the convicted corporate mafia putting the Crays to shame ,which the press have quickly and mysteriously ignored.
Add to this the announcement today that the procurement system for armaments for Min of Defence is a basket case that loses systematically some £2billion a year.
Add to this the 8pm Radio Four  programme exposing the cost of the Irish bombing enquiry at some £200 million – and enquiry that has not yet reported after sitting since 
and the lies and subsequent illegal war on Iraq?
Fairly good evidence that  the Government is broken!
Compared with this the MP’s expenses scandal eg Gordon Brown overclaiming £8,000 is a bagatelle . 
If others are persuaded by this proof of the need for change, then this is a good thing.
And not just a change of Government between box and cox. 
The ‘enemy’ are  giant corporations who ,by  my reading, are  out to discredit and scupper the (second last) defence of democracy .  They are big, big, - one of them made £2bn profits in the last quarter putting them ahead of many national gnp’s .
They determinedly set about ripping off the people, and want to remove any opposition – so the Daliy Trtelgraph tries to discredit HMG – not a difficult task.
The peaceable, affluent, well communicated, advantageously located , well connected, well educated English speaking British people are the prize target in the world for these 
Sharks – see how they flock to the City.
And the British people are so so so c o m p l a  c e n t.
If you vote Labour you are political.  If you vote Conservative you are anti political- 'politics' is what they accuse you of if you expose the graft,  advocate change and threaten to waken up the sleeping people of Britian.
The solution for controlling MP’s .
Don’t vote at all. Not for the killers of foxes, and not for the killers of Afghans and Iraqis.
And you will acvhieve the miraculous- you will withdraw one hundred per cent of MPs mandate whenever the out turn of the general election falls below 50%.
In the Euro election in the South West the turnout  was 39 percent.  Yet this went un-noticed.
This is the only opportunity to introduce an Assembly of the people., chosen by lottery.
With the job of controlling MP’s by holding a tribune with thepower to keep them in line or to sack them. This assembly will check their expenses., set election dates,  set the agenda for debate in the H  of Commons, and decide when  public enquiries are needed and finally act as tribune, sacking MP’s and PM's when they break the law- like declaring  war on false premises.
 The solution for controlling corporations.
 -         our last defence
Fix a termination date for every company. This can be shortened if they break the law and extended for good behaviour.
It is unbelievable and unforeseen that companies are given the artificial life-form of incorporation by parliamentary Act then the Act fails to subject them to the handicap that all people , incorporated naturally,  live under- mortality.
Companies, some of  which are three hundred years old, have grown to an enormous size, power, experience and wealth which outranks mere individuals and outlasts  mere governments.
Simply put this is unfair competition – and the Competition Commission and the Office of Fair Trade have not woken up – yet- to this basic flaw. No regulatory system like the 
Financial  Services Authority can hope to control such juggernauts.
The banks which were “too big to fail” are demonstrations of the need to fix termination dates.
By the  way,  I want to alert everyone to the legal  gagging notice served on the newspapers by one ‘artificial’ corporation - an Oil Trading company which  dumped lethal toxic waste in West Africa.
I think they got the idea from the gagging notices served under the Defence of the Realm Act called (not) A B C _ E F  N Otises .
This only can account for the non appearance on tv or radio news of the clowns on the roof of Westminster Palace last week , It also explains why reports of the  planned demonstration against the  war in Afghanistan on 24th October in Trafalgar Square also wont appear on the  BBC Radio or tv news, or the newspapers  and especially not on the overseas service of the BBC.  It is no coincidence that the os service is funded directly by the Foreign Office and is not paid from the licence fee. -You will have noticed the 2008 anti war demo also was not reported.
See why I’m incandescent?
Oh yes.  I almost forgot. I’m also peeved that foreign buyers of land in UK, 1 million  pony paddock owners, racing gallops` owners and absentee land lords get  paid out of our pockets,  Single Farm Payments.  One in Dorset gets some £160,000 each and every year (plus woodland grants etc )  and mysteriously it’s a challenge to find details of these  payments on the web!
James .. 		 	   		  
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