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Ever  wondered where your money goes?
chances are you don't own hectares
and so don't appear on the list of handouts by the  rural payments agency 
and dont study the pages of the rpa web site.
If you have a bad heart then please dont  open
where you will find 
287 pages of lists

 naming  county by county 

the named landowners who recieve single farm payments

and the amount they received (2004) i think.

typically  for Dorset £449,340 to the Crichel estate

 for Cornwall  Duchy College Farm £1,524,165

and that was only for one parasite for one farm in one county in one year.


If farmers need handouts then the rich farmers should hand out to the

needy small holders.

There's not a lot of sense in the poor paying the  rich is there?

This is dynamite . We should light the fuse. 

It explains all these "Private Land, Keep off!" signs

This is the amunition we've been waiting for to prove the land is monopolised to exploit the landless.



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