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Did you know that Tate & Lyle Europe Lrtd, based in London  head the UK list of receipients of CAP payouts in 2003/4 with £97,539.905.10p ?

and by some legerdemain appear again at number 3 at the top table with a further £20,486,597.30p ?  Meadow Foods Ltd come second with a measley £25,928,000.00,

and an interestingly named C.Czarnikow Sugar Ltd come a lowly fourth with £19,559,518.38p.


These handouts are presumably not to farmers but to such as food processors and abbatoirs.

Farm payments are listed seperately.


You will know that like other government agencies whether marking exams, buying armaments and now distributing CAP money and enquiring about the 1998  bombing  in Ireland the Rural Payments Agency is grossly inefficient.


Now we know what sums of money they are inefficient  with and to whom they pay them,

There are hundreds of pages and different web sites to navigate, but I hope you find the

following helpful. 

and  (that the rural payments agency who sign the cheques)

then go to "about rpa"

then "CAP payments"

then "Farm payments by region"

from the list on the left select e.g cap payments 2003-4

 then select e.g.the pdf icon for "South West"

then e.g.(my county) Dorset (listed as Dorset and Somerset) 

and you will get some 362 pages of lists of named farms in the county , by their company name eg 

Old Mac's Farms Ltd, and opposite,  the amount they were paid out from CAP that year.    


Also on the RPA govt  web sitye there are 'helpful' links to NFU, CLBA, CPRE. 

I feel there is need to look at the issues raised by this information, and a lot of research is needed. 

I have felt for a long time the need to make it widely known to the public how the land is used to exploit the people.  There is a lot of ammo here.





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