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Dear Friends, please see message below regarding Dale Farm and Basildon council's plans to destroy the largest Traveller site. It will be a terrible thing (I know, one among many) if they are able to do it. Please get involved if you can.
Thanks Zelda

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It's just leaked out that Basildon Council's Cabinet will meet on Saturday, December 12, to decide which out of two bailiffs companies to award the two million pound contract for the eviction operation at Dale Farm. One is Constant & Co.

This is a fateful step as once they "mobilize" a bailiff force, there maybe no going back.

For this reason, mothers are forming a Dale Farm Homeless Committee to organize the biggest yet demonstration outside the Basildon Centre (town hall) at noon that day.

As its close to UN Human Rights Day (10 Dec - which happens to be Richard Sheridan's birthday) it will be a rally against decisions being made by local councils which still want to get rid of Travellers - spending million on brutal policies which solve nothing.

Dale Farm mothers are asking supporters to pull out all the stop for this one. Many children will be coming.

Can anyone help bring in a samba band - or other musicians?

Anybody have contact with street threatre groups?

Help making banners and posters etc?

Minibuses will bring people in from Dale Farm. Any extra help with transport?

Contact with groups likely to join and help swell numbers?

A meeting is taking place tomorrow (Thursday 22 Oct) of supporters at Essex University to expand on plans. So if you have any ideas, suggests, offers of help, post back today to
dale.farm at btinternet.com

All the best

Traveller eviction must not put children at risk
12:30pm Wednesday 14th October 2009
By Jon Austin 

A GOVERNMENT watchdog wants guarantees children’s education and family safety will not be jepardised in any way when Basildon.gov.uk" target="_blank">Basildon Council presses ahead with its planned mass eviction of travellers The Children’s Commissioner, an office which promotes the well-being of children, has responded to pleas from travellers at Dale Farm, Crays Hill, insisting the authority does not evict before “permanent accommodation” is found. 

While the council says it is taking the commissioner seriously, it insists it is not its responsible for finding a new camp. 

Sue Berelowitz, deputy children’s commissioner, wrote to Bala Mahendran, the council’s chief executive. 

“I understand the eviction is becoming more imminent,” she wrote. 

“I would be grateful if you would provide me with reassurance no family will be evicted until suitable alternative permanent accommodation has been arranged for them.” 

She also asks for assurance education will not be jeopardised and safety will be guaranteed in an eviction, adding: “I would be most grateful if you would forward your detailed plans for ensuring all of the above. 

“It is imperative the eviction does not compromise the safety and well-being of the children and families involved.” 

It is the second time a Government watchdog has got involved with the issue. 

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission sided with the travellers during the High Court legal battle. 

Council leader Tony Ball said: “We are taking this seriously and a response will be drafted.However, it is the travellers’ responsibility to find sites. 

“What we have to do is comply with the law, which says it must be returned to green belt. That was decided by the Department for Communities and Local Government, so different parts of Government appear to be at odds with each other.” 

Meanwhile travellers will be flying Save Dale Farm banners this month to coincide with a series of “World Zero Eviction Days” in various countries organised by the the International Alliance of Inhabitants. 

Richard Sheridan, site spokesman, said: “We’re flying the flag of the United Nations over Dale Farm in solidarity with Roma across Europe, who like us are being victimized, attacked and driven from their homes.” 

Dale Farm continues to attract international interest with Khan Sardar, president of the Gypsy Council of Bangladesh, being the latest voice to condemn the eviction. 

"We hear men speaking for us of new laws strong and sweet /Yet is there no
man speaketh as we speak in the street.”

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