Fwd: Danish Government Rushes Through Repression law package for Climate Change Conference

Simon Fairlie chapter7 at tlio.org.uk
Sat Oct 31 17:33:37 GMT 2009

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> From: "David Ashton" <beeman at post.tele.dk>
> Dear Friends ,
> I am sending you this link as the Danish Environmental  
> organisations needs support as the Danish Liberal / Conservative /  
> Danish Folk Party ( an Extreme Right Wing Racist Political Party )  
> are rushing through extremely repressive legislation to prevent  
> alternative Peaceful , Happens, Meetings , and Demonstration by  
> NGOs and visitors from around the World   at The Copenhagen FN  
> Climate Summit Conference in December 2009, they need letters  
> sending to Danish Justice Minister in opposition to this Anti- 
> Democratic Danish Legislation
> " A proposal for new legislation against riots in Denmark can  
> severely effect the demonstrations during COP15. Sentences for a  
> number of acts like staying in a demonstration after it has been  
> dissolved by the police or other crimes that are hard to define in  
> a grey zone is supposed to be followed by much higher sentences in  
> prison or fines than before."
> Read the rest in this Link below
> http://www.aktivism.info/socialforumjourney/?p=690
> Danish Climate & Peace NGos Like Green Peace & Friends of The  
> Earth, ask for your Help & If You Please Pass On This Message, they  
> need protest letters from around the World to Danish Government,  
> Particular The Prime Minister & Justice Minisiter, & Climate Minister
> In Peace Truth & Friendship
> David

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