Architecture: Poundbury is a 'pastiche' wrought by 'crass hacks'.

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Thu Sep 10 01:05:32 BST 2009

Jonathan Meades: Off Kilter - BBC4 - Episode 1
Personal view of Aberdeen
Jonathan Meades takes a quixotic tour of Scotland, a country which has intrigued him since he first encountered lists of towns only known from football coupons.

Architecture critic Meades celebrates Aberdeen, the granite city full of 'brand new' 300 year old buildings.

Broadcast on:
    BBC Four, 9:00pm Wednesday 9th September 2009
    60 minutes
Available until:
    9:59pm Wednesday 30th September 2009

"The actuality of Aberteen is uncannily like its representation in a computer generated 3D rendering. It is as though its buildings anticipate a technology which today's architects routinely employ. 
To contemporary eyes Aberdeen might be a model of itself, a full-scale model, a naturalistic imposter, a gigantic pastiche, a sort of mega-Poundbury. But one wrought by inspired designers rather than crass hacks. 
What gives pastiche a bad name is the visualar literacy of its commissioners and practitioners."  
(Abt. 17 minutes in)

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