69p to £1.29 flour price hike

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Fri Dec 17 20:54:25 GMT 2010

 starvation has just been made more real . 

The most basic of our foods, and the most universally
consumed, both here and world-wide,  has
overnight (literally) increased in price by some 87 per cent. 

Strong bread flour has increased in price per one and a
half  kilo bag  from 69p to £1.29 in Tesco  and Waitrose in Dorchester
and Exmouth .  Check in your local supermarket. 

This increase , if reproduced world-wide, will condemn
millions to  starvation. 


Russia has banned wheast exports. The wheat crop n Australia has been batterd by rain. 
Yet there is absolutely no need for this hike.

Flour if  stored in
the correct conditions keeps almost indefinitely.  

If the UK
government was either competent or public spirited it would store flour,
and  release it on the market in such
instances.   (India
does so) 


There is a powerful UK
 lobby benefiting from these conditions.
The NFU ad nausea  raise the spectre
of  ‘food (in) security’.  If 
wheat supplies were insecure  the
very first concern of a responsible government would be -.  

A)    to
store flour and  assure continuity of
supply and stability of price.

B)     to  encourage land utilization  for food ensure the vital crops were planted
in sufficient quantities.


In fact , I have just learned the bizarre fact that the City
of London (where almost no-one is
resident) has its own (Con) MP . - That is the City , where the commodity
speculators operate.


The markets for crude oil, petrol, natural gas, the supply
of new houses , wheat and now flour  are
being manipulated  by individuals and
corporations in the City  and the
government is in their pockets.


Another bizarre happening, in Ireland
the   supply of new houses is 90,000
(est) and the need 45,000 (est).   In UK
the supply 2009 was 160,000 and the estimated need (conservatively),
250,000.   Markets are made dysfunctional
by monopolists and speculators.  



We are currently reeling from the banks and shadow bankers
speculating in mortgages.

Sovereign states are at risk when  spivs speculate against their  currency values. 


Multi national speculators a re  currently out of control. 

Uncut is turning into un-fed before our eyes. 


 Listen out for
the  next commodity to be hi-jacked .



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