MP's £million annual cheques

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You might want to send a si,ilar letter to your M.P.We could save the country £millions and avoid thousands of job cuts.

M r Oliver Letwin, M.P.

House of Commons. 



Dear Mr Letwin,                                  CAP benefits
to M.P.s            23 Decv 10



Thankyou for your letter confirming you and your family are
not in receipt of CAP benefit cheques.


I appreciate your taking the trouble to write. 



You will know that Mr 
Drax , M.P.,  is a beneficiary of
the Drax Estates and that they received 
£417,000 in 2009 as CAP payment. 
No doubt this amount has been increased since. 


It is the declared policy of 
EU to have these payments made public- hence the web site with that
information.  However it is not easy to
relate  claimants which are often  companies,  to M.P.’s , although it is reasonable to
suppose that  the many landowners in the
Commons and Lords receive £millions in total, and that each year. 


In the interests of open democracy don’t you think the
public should know this? 

We often hear M.P.’s comments  on  benefits
claimants and it seems relevant that MP’s benefit claims should be made public.  Then they cannot be said to be benefits



I hope you can support this position, and try to ensure that
a register of MP’s who personally benefit from CAP payments,  should make this public.


You will know that there is no proposal to cut CAP benefits.


Yours faithfully,
James .

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