WW II Land Battle exhibition opens at Imperial War Museum

Tony Gosling mark at tlio.org.uk
Fri Feb 12 23:39:17 GMT 2010

The Ministry of Food examines how the British public adapted to food shortages during the Second World War, learning how to be both frugal and inventive on the ‘Kitchen Front’.

Marking the seventieth anniversary of the introduction of food rationing in Britain, the exhibition shows that growing your own food, eating seasonal fruit and vegetables, reducing imports, recycling, and healthy nutrition were just as important in 1940 as they are today.

The exhibition runs from 12 February 2010 – 3 January 2011.
Sponsored by Company of Cooks


Footage of families and children working on allotments during the Second
World War, as is available for public viewing at The "Imperial" War
Museum's new Ministry of Food exhibition, which opened today and runs until 3rd Janary 2011


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