Whose Winstanley pic ?

Simon Fairlie chapter7 at tlio.org.uk
Sun Feb 14 18:33:14 GMT 2010

Dear Joanna

I'm sorry I don't know. I will put it out to our e-mail list and see  
if anyone knows.

best wishes


On 13 Feb 2010, at 03:49, Joanna Picciotto wrote:

> Dear Mr. Fairlie:
> My name is Joanna Picciotto and I am a U.S. academic who writes on
> Winstanley; I was hoping to track down the source of this image on
> your site attached below), which I'd love to use as a book cover. Do
> you happen to know the name/author of the original artwork?
> Regardless, best of luck with your campaigns.
> Sincerely,
> Joanna Picciotto
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