[diggers350] COLIN WARD HAS DIED

Simon Fairlie chapter7 at tlio.org.uk
Sun Feb 14 20:53:39 GMT 2010

Oh dear. Another anarchist of the same generation John Rety died  
about four days ago, and I was just thinking only yesterday  that  
Colin would be next. These were the guys I was reading in Peace News  
and Freedom when I was about 16. John was editor of Freedom for a  
time and Colin was editor of Anarchy. I guess they may meet at the  
pearly gates — or maybe anarchists just climb over the fence.


On 13 Feb 2010, at 14:57, Massimo A. Allamandola wrote:

> Colin Ward died on February 11th
> http://fiveleavespublications.blogspot.com/2010/02/anarchist-writer- 
> colin-ward-who-died-on.html
> he is still with us all ... cotters & squatters !
> M.
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