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Tinker’s Bubble
Forestry Fortnight

Felling and processing coppice and standard trees using only  
handtools and a horse.

Coppicing Weekend
20-21 February
Coppicing hazel and other trees.
This event is suitable for people with
no former experience

Felling Fortnight
20 Feb to 7 March
Felling Douglas Fir and Larch up to 85 feet high, using ax and saw.
Experience in tree felling, though helpful, is not essential, but you  
will need to have some experience and facility with using handtools.
  Everyone will work in a team of three led by an experienced  
forestry worker.
You do not have to come for the whole fortnight, but not less than  
three days please.

Food and lodging/camping space provided
For information, phone Tinker’s Bubble at 01935 881975
e-mail: marydurling at

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