R4 'Analysis': Are environmentalists bad for the planet?

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Hi all,

Have a listen to this.

I've only had a cursory listen, and I might go back over it again if I have 
time to put "finger to keyboard" on its content. It appears to me that it 
proceeds from the notion that the ONLY major problem we have in the world is 
climate change -- and thus omits reference to the limits to human ecology in 
general, and the failure of the the "growth economy" to internalise this 

Certainly I think "The Ethical Man" needs to decide whether he's into 
'ethics/justice', 'green consumerism' or serious environmentalism -- perhaps 
you might like to contact the Beeb on that too!



Analysis - Are environmentalists bad for the planet?

The BBC's 'Ethical Man' Justin Rowlatt asks if the environmental movement is 
bad for the planet. He explores the philosophical roots of a way of thinking 
that developed decades before global warming was an issue. He also examines 
some of the ideological baggage that environmentalists have brought to the 
climate change debate, from anti-consumerism and anti-capitalism to a 
suspicion about technology and a preference for natural solutions. Could these 
extraneous aspects of green politics be undermining the environmental cause, 
and are some environmentalists being distracted from the urgent task of 
stopping global warming by a more radical agenda for social change?

Justin speaks to green capitalists including the Conservative MP John Gummer, 
who thinks that technology and reinvented markets hold the answer to tackling 
global warming. He talks to Greenpeace chairman John Sauven about green 
attitudes to so-called techno fixes, including nuclear power, and discusses 
green conversion tactics such as so-called identity campaigning with Tom 
Crompton from the conservation charity WWF and Solitaire Townsend, co-founder 
of the green public relations company Futerra.

The programme also hears from the leading green thinkers Jonathon Porritt and 
Professor Mike Hulme, founding director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate 
Change Research, and from the theologian and United Nations advisor on climate 
change and world religions Martin Palmer. Martin sees parallels between some 
parts of the green movement and millenarian cults who have claimed that 'the 
end of the world is nigh'. Justin also interviews Andrew Simms from the New 
Economics Foundation, who believes we can only tackle climate change if we are 
weaned off our addiction to consumption and economic growth.

Broadcast on:
    BBC Radio 4, 8:30pm Monday 25th January 2010

(available until next Monday)

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