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Mark Barrett marknbarrett at
Tue Jul 13 16:40:52 BST 2010

What about the idea of a clear & unambiguous call out from the peace
DV peace piknik tomorrow eve to democracy activists europe and country
wide to organise themselves autonomously, at parliaments and Town
Halls across continent and country for Peoples assemblies,
decentralised democracy villages, peace Picnics, camp fire sharing,
food not bombs, reclaim the streets, clause4 street parties, political
theatre,samba or whatever revolutionary presence can be mustered-
ideally at a shared /synchronised ie set time and day each week -and
with connecting comms on-line to share each event/experience and
create transnational solidarity..? A quick google will reveal the Iron
Curtain fell thanks in part to the organisation of a pan european
picnic; by creating a regular decentralised libertarian presence
across the communities we can surely prepare for the battle ahead,
being building the movement for a new society, ecology, political
justice and an end to war!! Come on people, Mark
Dear Friend

Roll UP! Roll Up! Come on Down to the Peaceniks Piknik on Wednesday
14th July at 7pm at Democracy Village, Parliament Square Gardens.

Ok, so stopping the war in Afghanistan and protecting civil liberties
is serious business, but we've also got to let our hair down
sometimes. With all of us at Democracy Village and beyond biting our
nails about whether we're going to get evicted, I thought it was high
time we had us some good old fashioned fun, y'all :)

We'll be serving tea and cakes, providing some entertainment from
local street performers and artists (and perhaps a couple of special
guests), and discussing the way forwards for the Peace, Justice and
Freedom movement that's been occupying this important space in the
heart of Westmonster.

If you've got some special talents to share, or know someone who has,
we'd love it if you or they would come and do a turn for the

Otherwise, feel free to bring some food and (non-alcoholic) drink of
your own, a friend or two and some bright ideas on how we can move
forwards in bringing Peace, Love and Unity to our benighted land.
We'll be discussing the future of the DV site, how we can carry on as
a group if we have to move (bah!) and thinking of some non-violent and
perhaps amusing ways to highlight the problems we face as a community
and as a country.  Hey, perhaps we''ll even change something!

Please spread the word as well as the love, and let's try and make
this a productive planning, parlaying and partying evening. Be
wonderful if you could print out a copy of our flyer to stick up in
the office, hand out to lovely people in the street or to make into
paper aeroplanes.  You could even design your own better one (time was
short is my excuse!)

Muchos Amor


more info about what's going on should appear shortly on facebook
(Democracy Village), or  For directions. details, contact Dot
on 07796477519
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