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Recent ?CDs  contain an mp3 "Queen's  Speech" that is relevant to this. 
   As is
"Dr. Keanu Sai, has a Ph.D. in Political Science specializing in
International Relations and Public Law. He has been to the World
Court at the Hague filing legal briefs on Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom.
He has a forthcoming book to be published by UH Press on the American
Occupation of the Hawaiian Islands, and is currently working on
another book to be published UH Press on Hawaiian land law. He is
also the author of law journal articles on the topic of the continued
existence of the Hawaiian Kingdom as an independent and sovereign
State. Dr. Sai will provide a legal analysis based on the executive
agreements between President Cleveland and Queen Liliuokalani that
affects most if not all the current issues today, which includes the
desecration of Kupuna Iwi, gathering rights, native tenant rights,
water and natural resources rights from mauka to makai, vested
private property rights, etc."

Dr. Keanu Sai home page: http://www2.hawaii.edu/~anu 

That Queen's speech delivered after she was released fom US prison is 
also on some of the later Judy Bari Memorial CDs.    Spread copies.

On 15/07/2010 00:00, Tony Gosling wrote:
> Annual Independence FROM America demonstration
> http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2010/07/455615.html
> Lindis Percy | 14.07.2010 20:56 | Anti-militarism | Sheffield | World
> An account of the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases
> (CAAB) annual 'Independence FROM America' demonstration held on
> Sunday 4th July 2010 at Menwith Hill, Near Harrogate.
> What went on - 4 July 2010 at the American base at Menwith Hill
> (apologies for the delay)
> Menwith Hill celebrated independence from Great Britain (1776) the
> week before the traditional date - 4 July each year. Maybe this was 
> because we were there to call for Independence FROM America on that 
> date. It was the annual demonstataion 'Independence FROM America' at 
> the American
> base at Menwith Hill. There has been a demonstration here since 1982.
> Having had glorious hot summer weather for a lovely long time, on 4
> July it changed! Very strong winds and the heavens opened.
> About 200 people came which was more people than last year. Perhaps
> this was because Mark Thomas (comedian and political activist) and 
> Peter Tatchell (Human rights activist) were the guest speakers as well 
> as an excellent 'line up' of musicians. This year the general theme 
> was in line
> with the World Cup - the goal is Independence FROM America.
> Steve Hill (Daftasadrum) started the demonstration with a wonderful
> drumming workshop. The demonstration was hosted by Martin Schweiger 
> (doctor, activist and Quaker). Moira Hill and Peter Kenyon read the 
> Declaration of Independence FROM America (amended original version).
> Mark Thomas spoke and was Mark Thomas and signed copies of 'the
> Peoples Manifesto'. Sadly Peter Tatchell could not come, having rung 
> on the morning of the  demonstration to say that he had a ferocious 
> migraine. People signed a get well card at the demonstration which we 
> sent.Mark handed in a large Red Card which people had signed adding 
> inspirational messages to Mary O'brien as to why Menwith Hill should 
> go. Whistles were blown as this
> was happening. (We had writen to Mary O'Brien to say we would like her 
> to receive the Red Card - David Elliott (RAF Liaison officer) replied 
> saying they were both at a prior engagement and that a representative 
> of the Ministry of Defence Police Agency would receive it.
> If anyone hasn't heard Roy Bailey before (socialist folk singer - he 
> has a website) then you missed something very special. East Lancs 
> Clarion Choir sang unaccompanied some lovely songs. The wonderful folk 
> band Seize the Day played while the heavens opened and a band from 
> Preston played
> before we walked round the base.
> Dave Bevan and his excellent team provided wonderful food throughout.
> The walk was special in that we had retrieved a small civil liberty (a 
> bit of a struggle!). North Yorkshire police (NYP) have prevented the 
> traditional walk round the base for the past three years by putting on 
> conditions (Public Order Act 1986). CAAB contacted Liberty once again 
> and this year with their help NYP agreed that we could walk round 
> Menwith Hill and further more they would help; our argument that it is 
> the duty of the police to enable protest as
> protest is one of our Human Rights ('right to assemble' and 'freedom 
> of expression'). We had carefully liaised with NYP and had met senior 
> officers before to stress these points.
> The police were excellent - polite, helpful and courteous (how 
> effective are we being?!!!!) and as they used to be at these 
> demonstrations. Please refer to the letter we wrote to Aubrey Smith 
> (Chief Inspector NYP). There were very few police visible (all tucked 
> up on the base), no police horses or police vehicles etc etc or any 
> 'evidence gathering' officers to be seen. Police on cycles helped with 
> the walk. The traffic was 'sheparded' by police on motor bikes.
> Many thanks to everyone who helped to make the demonstration possible. 
> We are now planning the next annual demonstration (Keep Space for 
> Peace) at Menwith Hill - more details nearer the time.
> demonstration outside the main entrance to Menwith Hill - every 
> Tuesday evening (6-8 pm) - if you  haven't been before - come and 
> learn what they do there....
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