Off-Grid Still Needs You!

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Fri Jul 30 17:38:45 BST 2010

Dear All,
 Sunrise: Off-Grid is happening from August 19th-22nd here in sunny Somerset, and we still need your help! We are missing one or two skills that we would like to see present and various bits of equipment to achieve the dream.  Off-Grid is built by a community of like-minded people; sharing our skills, knowledge and equipment - we couldn't do it without you all! If you have anything you feel you could contribute from this list, please let us know! 
-	Kids Educational Activities with an Off-Grid focus – Electronics, Gardening, den-building, etc.
-	Hot Tub Building Demo
-	Bicycle-powered Washing Machine Making
-	Off-Grid Food Storage – Refrigeration, larders, drying, etc.
-	Building Regulations
-	Soap-Making

-	100 Old Bricks for making a barbecue or Old Barbecue Grills
-	Long bamboo canes in any condition
-	Big scramble nets and climbing ropes for kids play area
-	Long reels of lycra/material or parachutes 
-	Food for crew food – Ideally seasonal veg, etc. 
-	Nightlights and candles – About 400 
-	LED lighting units and parcans
-	Paint for sign-writing

If you have something to contribute, even if its not on the list, please email dan at 
For more info go to

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