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Amory should have been warned.   If he knew staff were doing such he 
would not allow walkers.    It could have been a poacher.     What was 
it set to catch?     Was there bait?
Was it on an identifiable track?    Was it lambing time in a 
neighbouring field?  A field studies center should have made useful 
instruction out of that find  - or was there rabbit stew for dinner?

On 05/06/2010 14:32, David Bangs wrote:
> Perhaps 15 years ago I did a (wonderful)  'Mountain Flowers' course at 
> Kindrogan Field Study Centre in the Cairngorms. One of the field trips 
> was to the huge adjacent estate of Julian Amery, the ex-Tory MP for 
> Brighton (my own constituency). Soon after entering the estate we came 
> across a set illegal gin trap. I said "we should report this to the 
> police", but the walk leader said we should not...because the Field 
> Study Centre was dependant upon the goodwill of the estate for access 
> for their study trips.
> Wrongly, I left the issue at that...
> Dave Bangs
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>     much more on this story here
>     http://news.google.co.uk/news/more?ncl=dJIV5HIigQlOXaMMk5L4NNxbVbHiM
>     <http://news.google.co.uk/news/more?ncl=dJIV5HIigQlOXaMMk5L4NNxbVbHiM>
>       *Children tracking red kite trigger huge bird poisoning raid by
>       police*
>     http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/scotland/7801357/Police-raid-Highland-estate-over-bird-of-prey-deaths.html
>     <http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/scotland/7801357/Police-raid-Highland-estate-over-bird-of-prey-deaths.html>http://news.scotsman.com/inverness/Children-tracking--red-kite.6340484.jp
>     <http://news.scotsman.com/inverness/Children-tracking--red-kite.6340484.jp>*Published
>     Date: *04 June 2010
>     By JOHN ROSS
>     WILDLIFE crime investigators raided a Scottish estate after
>     schoolchildren monitoring a rare red kite sparked a major inquiry.
>     A 45-strong team entered the 25,000-acre Moy Estate, south of
>     Inverness, yesterday morning following a surveillance operation
>     lasting several weeks.
>     A number of poisoned birds of prey, including red kites,
>     sparrowhawks and merlins, were removed. It was also reportd that a
>     poisoned grouse carcase had been removed.
>     One of the recovered red kites had been satellite-tagged and
>     adopted by children at Carrbridge School who were monitoring its
>     progress online via the Eyes in the Skies website. Suspicions
>     arose after the signal from the bird stopped moving.
>     The joint operation involved 25 officers from Northern
>     Constabulary as well as investigators from Scottish Natural
>     Heritage, RSPB Scotland, the Scottish SPCA, Scottish Wildlife
>     Crime Unit and the Scottish Government's Rural Payments Inspectorate.
>     Outside the estate, Chief Inspector Andrew MacLean, the force's
>     Inverness area commander, said: "This was an intelligence-led
>     operation into the deaths of protected birds, including red kites
>     and other birds of prey which have been found on this estate
>     during the last month and are known to have been poisoned."
>     He added: "Wildlife crime is a blight on the environment and a
>     serious concern to the public.
>     "Northern Constabulary consider such crime a serious risk to the
>     safety of the public and have demonstrated today our intention to
>     rigorously deal with reports of wildlife crime, in particular the
>     poisoning of wildlife on open ground which is accessible to the
>     public."
>     Stuart Housden, director of RSPB Scotland, said: "Serious crimes
>     against our most spectacular birds and wildlife are utterly
>     deplorable, and do major harm to our reputation as a country that
>     values and cares for its wildlife and natural environment.
>     "There is a growing body of compelling evidence which demonstrates
>     the scale and impact that illegal poisoning is having on the
>     populations of iconic birds of prey such as the red kite and
>     golden eagle."
>     A RSPB report in March showed that 27 birds of prey were killed
>     last year, including golden eagles, buzzards, red kites and a sea
>     eagle.
>     Last month three golden eagles, a sparrowhawk and buzzard, were
>     found dead near Skibo Castle in Sutherland amid fears they had
>     been poisoned.
>     More than 200 Scottish landowners have since called for those
>     involved in the illegal poisoning of birds of prey to face the
>     "full weight of the law".
>     No-one at the Moy Estate was available for comment yesterday.
>     Douglas McAdam, chief executive of the landowners' group, The
>     Scottish Rural Property and Business Association, said: "We do not
>     yet know the full facts of this case. We are appalled none the
>     less at what appears to be yet further illegal persecution against
>     Scotland's wildlife, but we do need to await the outcome of the
>     legal process to determine where guilt lies."
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