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Cut C.A.P. , Cut Mayfair Welfare

The £3.3billion annual Common Agricultural Policy
Payments  could better be called
Conglomorates and Aristocrats, Public Pensions.


Huge annual payments go to –

Carrington          £149,000

Linlithgow          £ 144,000

Rothermere        £29,000

Every year for the last thirty seven years 


 to-    M.P.s 
,    Richard Drax ,M.P.,  £417,846

To dukes….to earls…. To Prince Charles £581,000

To their  trade
association , NFU, £70,000


HM Queen received 
£1,183,508 over the last two years for privately owning the Sandrigham

Two thousand get more than the Prime Minister’s annual

39,000 receive  CAP
welfare bonus of  over twice the minimum


This is not a means of helping tractor driving farmers  but a regressive tax- a Sheriff of Nottingham
extortion from the poor to the rich.


It has nothing to do with food security – Owners of one
million pony paddock acres  qualify for
some £30million.  Preserving the
countryside and the wildlife  is the
business of Defra and  the RSPB-not CAP -
 (yet that Charity with a £15million
membership fund gets an additional £1million from CAP annually.


It is all on show  at


Thousands of  claimants are already landowning millionaires
and after dipping you pockets for thirty-seven years are now also  CAP millionaire- privateers.




CAP  is not funded  by EU but out of UK
taxes and costs the British taxpayer £3.3billion in 2009 .

This is an increase of 
23 per cent over 2008  and in 2010
will increase again, and in 2011…


CAP DOESN’T GO TO tractor driving FARMERS 

£19milllion went to sugar /bio-fule brokers

Unilever, Nestle, RSPB, Nat West bank, Bank of Zurich ,
distillers and  brewers  get



                             THESE SHERIFF’S




CAP was designed to compensate low paid agricultural workers
for the higher wage levels obtainable in industry.  This is the rationale explicitly stated in
the Treaty of Rome. CAP was a political deal 
to reward working French farmers then paid in devalued  French francs, from the proceeds of rock solid
German industry  paid in the mighty deutschmark,
a means to make the fledgling  European
economic community less lop sided.

CAP is the price post-war Germany
paid  for rehabilitation into the
community of nations.  When UK
later joined the EEC in 1973 the Conservative land lobby in Britain  ensured that these secret  payments went to  bulk landowners  and to agribusinesses and subverted the C.A.P.
rationale.   CAP takes up over 40% of the EU budget yet
this Mayfair Welfare system was never explained in the ‘consultation’ before 

the EEC referendum.

 Since joining E.E.C.,
 the number of  workers in U.K.
agriculture and the number of small farms has declined rapidly, land prices
have rocketed  and CAP payments have
increased and are still increasing.  CAP
is a fiercely regressive and largely unreported  tax paid to bulk landowners  and is defended by the land lobby- hear the
NFU on Radio Four’s ‘Farming Today’ and read all about it in the press. 


 Conservatives don’t
genuinely want to reform C.A.P. since the payments to landowners help fund the
party.  Many Conservative M.P.s receive
annual CAP payments greater than their  
M.P.’s salary


The solution is either to cap CAP, at some £12,000 per means
tested working farmer , or to  cut out
CAP altogether, or to cut and run from EU.

TEA PARTY? Britain
can do something about cutting CAP –
this regressive tax.

CAP is funded by UK
taxpayers.and paid by RPA of  Defra.
After thirty years of insincere attempts to reform it, and German and French
intransigence, Defra can stop the


One of the unexpected (o r intended) effects of pumping
£billions annually into land ownership for thirty seven years  has been to increase the price of land,
including land for houses.  


A large proportion of new houses are built on former farm
land  . 
The huge development of some 2,500`projected houses at Poundbury  in Dorset is being
built on the 400 acres of  former
Poundbury and Middle Farms owned by the Duchy of Cornwall where the cows were
grazing some months  ago.  Several existing streets of houses in Prince
  of Wales Road, Lancaster
Road, Duke Road, and Sandrigham
  Road surround the old farmhouse of the Prince of
Wales’ Fordington Farm, now within Dorchester town.
After 16years only 800 out of the 2,500 planned have been built – three out of
four for sale at premium prices. 




This connection between the inflated price of farmland and
housing land caused by CAP suggests one solution.

Replace the Sheriff of Nottingham CAP tax with a Robin Hood
tax raiding the unused landbanks of giant inefficient housebuilders like the
Duchy of Cornwall and selling the land to 
self builders eager to self supply the houses that the big builders are
reluctant to build in sufficient quantities and at accessible prices. Lack of
available land is self builders ‘ biggest barrier.

It is bizarre that we reward giant landowners including
inefficient housebuilders from the CAP with some £3.3 billion annually and
spend only £2.7 billion on social housing via the  Housing Revenue Account.  Compulsory purchase of landbanks and selling
to self builders would raise revenue and reduce the need for housing grants..


Since self builders finance their own self provided houses
at no cost to the Treasury ,

in times of cutting public expenditure Government could cut
the £2.7billion Housing Revenue Account payments and rely on self builders to
supply social houses funded privately as is already happening at a team self
build project in St Minver, Cornwall.

J Armstrong    June
2010                                        see  

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