The Time of Testing?

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Timely what with the US and EU imposing sanctions on Iran.

Russia's Medvedev raps EU, US sanctions against Iran

As an armada of US battleships and aircraft 
carriers sails through Suez into the Red Sea.

Richard Cook weaves together so many modern connundrums here


The Time of Testing Is Here

By Richard C. Cook

While skeptics mockingly point out that the “end 
of the world” has been prophesized over and over 
again for centuries with nothing happening­the 
latest being Y2K, they say, and another likely 
bust coming up when the calendar hits 2012­it’s 
obvious that mankind faces an increasingly unsustainable future.

The world’s economic, technological, 
agricultural, and political systems are breaking 
down. While the causes are debated, it’s certain 
that the human assault on the natural world has 
wiped out vast numbers of species and polluted 
the land, the air, and the oceans. After the past 
100 years of history, with two world wars and 
low-grade but vicious warfare going on almost 
continuously somewhere in the world since World 
War II ended, it seems impossible for human 
beings to live together in a state of harmony 
either among ourselves or with the planet we call home.

Are we at “the end of the age?”

In social life, the overriding characteristic of 
our era is the increasing division in the world 
between haves and have-nots, masters and slaves, 
controllers and controlled, rich and poor. The 
power of the wealthiest class of people has never 
been so great. The weapons of mass destruction 
they–and the armed forces who work for 
them–monopolize have the force to destroy the earth many times over.

Teachings of peace, tolerance, charity, which 
have always received lip service, lack efficacy. 
Such teachings increasingly count for nothing. 
Organized religion, done in by its own 
transgressions and lack of transformative 
potency, rarely even attempts to make a stand for 
justice or persuade nations to forego war.

The people at the very top of the heap have been 
those Western financial magnates, especially from 
the Anglo-American-Zionist empire and the 
European Union, who control banking, industry, 
investment, and credit. The world is run by an 
international financial elite and their 
subordinates in government, corporations, 
academia, the military, and the media. This elite 
have plunged billions of people and the nations 
they inhabit into astronomical levels of debt. 
They are the controllers who live off the fat of 
the land, skimming the cream of science and 
industry through usury on money they create out 
of thin air through financial monopolies granted 
or at least tolerated by the politicians whose 
strings they pull. No longer leaders of the 
popular will, the political classes of all 
Western nations, most particularly the United 
States, are servants of private financial and corporate interests.

The controllers realize how tenuous stability has 
become. So they seem to have embarked on a 
worldwide consolidation of power, using every 
tool available from the fields of electronic 
surveillance and social engineering to enhance 
their dominance. Nations not entirely under their 
control, such as Russia and China, are tagged as 
adversaries and surrounded with military bases. 
The controllers are suspected of having vowed 
among themselves that the existing world 
population of almost seven billion human beings 
cannot be allowed to continue. A large portion of 
the human herd must be culled, an action that now 
appears to be underway with the world’s resources 
increasingly passing into the hands of centralized financial interests.

But this will not necessarily fend off the even 
larger disaster that threatens mankind. For the 
controllers themselves also inhabit the earth. No 
man is an island. What threatens the least of 
God’s creatures threatens them as well.

The perspective of the controllers is therefore 
incomplete. What it leaves out are human freedom, 
aspiration, and spirituality. It also leaves out 
nature and nature’s laws. Further, it leaves out 
God, whatever we mean by that word, still knowing 
that there is “something” or “someone” who is the 
ultimate creative force. Perhaps these most 
materialistic elements of humanity are not quite 
as sharp as they think they are in trying to 
erect a fortress against the universe in order to save themselves.

For instance, they have not yet found a way to 
negate the law of cause and effect: “As ye sow, 
so shall ye reap.” An example is the BP oil 
catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico caused by 
negligence in addressing pre-existent problems in 
a manner reminiscent of the space shuttle 
Challenger disaster of 1986. Both events exposed 
the pride of man as mere dust. Disasters may also 
be lying in wait due to genetically-modified 
seeds laced with pesticides where crop failures 
or the appearance of super-resistant insects could lead to mass starvation.

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