London FW: Foundry Solidarity Callout-Save 84 gt eastern st!

Mark Barrett marknbarrett at
Thu Jun 24 16:08:36 BST 2010

> Hi Guys
> This is a callout from the crew squatting the ex-foundry building in Old street, 84 great eastern street. We have been in court today and have lost our case, will be served today and then have a 24 hour period when the bailiffs will arrive.
> Park plaza will knock the building down and put up an art themed hotel, complete with 'preseved banksy'.
> We want to save this building, which has for so long been at the heart of open access space and events, and plan to resist our eviction
> What we need is
> -people to be at the ready to come down and constitute a crowd when the bailiffs arrive, at short notice
> -people who have/know about tripods to come down
> -if anyone wants to come and stay with us for the next day or so they are welcome, and there was even a suggestion that if a 'solidarity camp' set up outside that would be RAD TIMES.
> Sorry that this is so blunt, low on battery and time
> Please if you can help, do, we can still save this building as a bastion of open space and community led projects.
> Fuck the gentrifiers! Resist! Occupy!
> 84 crew

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