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Quote/Conditions were very different then.

Now we need land for social housing . /


Not totally James 

There was a need for social housing hence the Homes fit For Heroes campaign.

People had been already been kicked out of the countryside into the stews.
They had fought in the First World War and were not happy about their living
conditions....The powers that be were scared of revolution. ..

Social Housing seems now to be a byword for dodgy PFI schemes shoehorning
people into sick buildings ( billeted J ) and for dodgy housing
professionals to trouser a lot of money
The tactic they are  talking about also appears to link social housing to
employment i.e. dormitories for landless workers. Sounds a bit like the
workhouses.... Did someone mention then  Welfare to Work? The Salvation Army
are licking their lips at that one.

The Welfare State hasn’t been around that long....


Be nice to stop second home ownership and landlordism.


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Winston Churchill and Lloyd George were both liberals, I believe , when in
1909 they advocated taxing land.


Conditions were very different then.

Now we need land for social housing . 

In 2004 Kate Barker the chief economist of the  Bank of England, advocated
capturing 'planning gain' - as one of the recommendations of the  Barker
Review of Housing Supply. 


It was kicked into the long grass.

Taxing land would be so attractive to HMG that de-commodifying land would
become even more remote.


The vision of many is of land as a common resource not a commodity and
taxing and ownership seem to sully the concept.


 However I have just this week sent off a paper to Office of Fair Trading
advocating fining giant plc housebuilders  who have vast landbanks of
potential building land surplus to their imminent or present requirements.
This hoarding is against the public interest which is for  houses now! (a
backlog of supply of 1 million is the estimate and there was a landbank of
732,000 potential houses in 2002)


I have advocated fining (not taxing)  the landhoarders in land- not in cash.

at pre windfall gains prices (legally possible under the Compulsory Purchase
provisions of the T & C Planning Act) and selling the land as building plots
to team self builder/ self occupiers. the land to be held  sine die, in
community land trusts to ensure permanent affordability for the houses. One
advantage is that self build costs the Treasury nil. and saves on the
Housing Revenue Account which funds social housing. . The scheme would  also
raise revenue from sales of confiscated land.





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