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Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 
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There's now a stronger possibility that an eviction will be attempted at
Dale Farm, or nearby Hovefields, soon after the 6 May election.
The Dale Farm community has hung on to its the land and homes for seven
years, and has no intention of given in any time soon to a bunch of
bully-boy bailiffs in hard-hats.
So we're getting ready to thwart them through tried and tested means -
all of them reasonable, legal and nonviolent.
But we need some help and are asking any supporters who can to join in
activities on 6,7 and 8 April - anytime
you can give half a day or more during  these dates.
Let us know if you can help and email
dale.farm at btinternet.com
for more details.

Council hopes families will leave Dale Farm and Hovefields by choice
8:30am Tuesday 9th March 2010
By Jon Austin

BAILIFFS hired to clear the huge Dale Farm and Hovefields traveller camps have begun planning evictions. 

The Echo can reveal Constant and Co, which was given the contract worth up to £2.5million in January, has met with police to draw up a plan of action. 

It comes just weeks after Basildon Council said evictions were a last resort. 

The authority said it had yet to meet police and was still pinning hopes on private negotiations aimed at getting families to leave on their own accord. Essex Police spokeswoman Donna Veasey said: “Essex Police and its partners have had meetings to progress planning for the eviction. 

“Some meetings have involved bailiffs appointed to carry out the task.” 

The Echo can also reveal there could be more legal battles after campaigners put together new planning applications. 

There are applications pending for seven of the site’s pitches. Under a planning rule, applications which have previously been quashed must be reconsidered if more than two years have passed since the refusal. 

Campaigner Grattan Puxon said: “We are drawing up applications for the most needy families who it would be inhumane to evict. They are on seven pitches with elderly and sick occupants or children with health conditions, meaning they can’t go on the road. 

“A number of families have been told they will qualify for bricks and mortar accommodation if evicted. 

“They have lodged internal appeals asking for caravan site accommodation, which could end up in the county court.” 

Mr Puxon revealed he has also made a complaint to the council about its hiring of Constant & Co, after the bailiffs caused damage to private land during the eviction at Hovefields, in 2006. 

He says he is prepared take the compliant to the Local Government Association in a bid to stop the firm being used. 


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