Eviction Threat to Kew Bridge Eco Village - this friday

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Tue May 18 10:16:16 BST 2010

 Kew Bridge Eco Village faces an eviction threat, starting from this Friday, 21st of May, 2010. It is likely that they will evict on the friday, or the monday after or at some other date that suits their purposes. If you want to help protect the eco village, then come down and lend a hand.


The eco village is primarily a place for beings of different perspectives, experiences, ideals and aims to come together to create sustainable communities, wherever they might exist. The site is set to be turned into a monstrous development of expensive flats and more pubs and shops, in an area with two nearby shopping centers, and with 3 pubs in the immediate area, and copious amounts of disused properties standing empty as the numbers of homeless continue to rise. Kew Bridge Eco Village stands in the way of this rediculous development and against all unsustainable practices everywhere.

So if you want to protect the eco village, whether you consider yourself to be classwar, eco, feminist, hippy, hardcore, non-violent, survivalist, whatever: come on down and support the village! There are plenty of sleeping spaces, and you even have the option of setting up a tent.

See you at the barricades!!!!

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