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Wed May 19 07:17:52 BST 2010

While Farming Today  lives  in the
world of villeinage, the rest of us are beset by corporate villains.

For the first ever venture into Defra payouts territory, FT
producers opt for apple pie, and motherhood , and ask turkeys to vote for


Who will query defra expenditure on  wildlife protection (Monday) ,Flood
defences.(Tuesday) disease protection 
(Wednesday) ? 

Thursday it will be the Donkey Sanctuary?  and Friday? Definitely not Duchy of Cornwall’s
£500,000 or the Crown estates' 
payouts  and definitely not
Czarnikow’s £9 million annual bonanza..or RSPB £millions


FT just confirms  its
reactionary role (yet one more media opportunity for the   NFU to-day ) and its total avoidance of ‘controversial
‘  payouts from CAP.  The coverage has been of the administration
of the budget, and the direct expenditure by Defra. The  19 individual payments of over £1million go
totally   unre ported and unqueried.  


Governments have inched towards giving the people a
voice.  Corporations avidly research
consumers views and tailor their  brand
image to reflect this. – its called ‘marketing’ but the BBC acts like the war
time Ministry of (dis) Information.

See, its like this, the 99% of us who pay the licence fee
expect quality and truth.

99% of us own no bulk land and we pay £3billoin year after  year, disguised as ‘agricultural payments’ to
the 197,000 who own or have

an interest in bulk land.


How many of the highly paid executives of  the multinational £multi-million corporation
which is the BBC get payouts from RPA under the CAP? And ask NFU spokespersons
to declare their financial interests in CAP payments.


What a news story for Farming Today.   Can we hear that on Friday?

James Armstrong  Dorchester   19th
 May 2010 		 	   		  
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