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This was a welcome relief to Radio 4's usual mid-day palette of consumerist 
and acquisitive fare:

Off the Page - Living Cheap

Radio 4, 4th November 2010

New writing and provocative debate on Living Cheap - with the country in debt 
can we rediscover how to live on the cheap? With David Collins, Laurie Penny 
and Pauline Black.

Available on iPlayer until 7am on Friday 12th November.

I especially liked the young graduate who explained why she and her friends 
felt they had been "lied to" because they were not going to be able to afford 
the things/be like the people they saw on TV. The fact that they're now 
covering the "jilted generation" issue ( -- 
the under 30s who are being denied access to the well paid jobs, cheap housing 
and social services that the previous two generations enjoyed -- was also a 
welcome change from the usual 'Moneybox'/You and Yours' emphasis on investing 
and acquiring wealth.


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