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Microsoft were fined 50million euros by EU for embedding a search engine in their operating system.
Woolworths (RIP) were fined severely by OFT for some breach of competition law. 
Matalan (toy makers) were  fined £7million- the record fine handed out by Office of Fair Trading.
British Airways to-day  were fined £90million for collusion with other airlines on air freight charges.
BP were fined $100million  by US government for the  Texas City Refinery explosion.    
OFT named this year, 104  construction firms some of them giants, for rigging bids for public authority  contracts.
Fines pending? 

Did you know this?  Are these companies black listed by  Local Authorities and by consumers?
No Sir. 
HMG has since signed up with Microsoft to provide Windows in public libraries, schools.....

As Tony Hayward, ex CEO of BP says " Its very difficiult to hate a company , 
its much easier to hate people."

Its not hate we want but accountability from them.
BP's safety lapse in Texas City killed people.  
eleven men died in the BP  Mexico Gulf oil explosion.
But Corporations cannot be charged with murder or manslaughter- buit  careless drivers  can.
A termination date for each incorporated company would just be the start of  re- advantaging people as against companies.
The pronciple is easy - its a matter of correcting a denial of human rights .
An errant company could be docked 2 years 'life' for an infringement.  For repeated infringement say ten years.

Even  dockng one year would  hit  a plc's share price.
The principle is clear, the  practice needs detailed working out.
What do you do when a company's time is up?   Renewal is possible on good behaviour.
Liquidating ? Take over ?   We can work it out.


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you for all of your posts on the Diggers list which are v  enlightening . 

termination date sounds a brilliant idea – can you say more on, eg, would
there be grounds for refusing renewal and what then, if, eg, British Sugar were
refused renewal J

the very best, Wendy

researching local food, v interested in land issues, LVT versus other ways of
achieving reform/redistribution…. Etc)


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People are being exploited by corporations.

That's not too controversial.

Government is being used by corporations  as a tool to achieve that aim.

Why do something retail when you can do it cheaper and more effectively(and
unobtrusively)  wholesale?

A secret £81million annual CAP payment to British Sugar plc is just the latest
creaming off of public revenue .

Privatising Energy supply, Post Office, Railways, Forestry Commission, Helath
Service, ...  There's a trend there somewhere.

When we privatise war by authorising security firms with powers to kill , in
Iraq and Afghanistan, that confirms the ethos.

"Cutting"  government  in the name of  'big society" 
is spin for the reality of dismantling the defences and letting corportations

loose on the people.

What power has a houseneedy house buyer against the corporate might and
experience of a £multi milllion plc house builder/ building land owner like Woodrow/Taylor/Wimpey
- (note their increasing size and decreasing competition) ?    

Without actinbg through  democratic government- the answer is  zilch.

The first step in a new democracy is to  identify the enemy.  Which
is  'Priveleged, out of control corporations.'

a way of reducing their power is to revise the companies act to set a
renewable  termination date to each corporate body.

and bring them down to less than person status. Thats demo cracy. 


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