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On Wednesday 10 November 2010 14:40:40 Mr Zouk wrote:
> a few things that whilst i agree pollution should stop, but are we being
> told everything? 
> Is this simply just not a move to tax oxygen? in simple terms a carbon tax.

This has absolutely nothing to do with carbon or the vacillations on how we 
should/shouldn't control it. In fact it's an issue outside of the conventional 
economic debate because mainstream economics doesn't accept the limiting 
factors of "ecological capacity".

The Earth has limits; there are clear and demonstrable limits to the 
production of all resources, including fossil fuels, and in fact the UK has 
passed these already and is heading for major economic hassle as a result (see 
my presentation to Parliament for details -- 
http://www.fraw.org.uk/mei/papers/index.shtml#appgopo -- or for a simpler 
digest of the issue see my article for the Ecologist -- 
http://www.fraw.org.uk/mei/papers/index.shtml#ecologist ).

The very fact that the IEA states that oil supply cannot increase in the 
future throws the whole "there is no problem about future supply because the 
IEA says so" argument into chaos. For one person to have more in this new 
reality (that's UK policy -- we have more) someone else must have less. The 
same problems now exist with the global production of gold, copper and silver 
too, but the most worrying is the growing constraints on the production of 
phosphate rock for agriculture.

In fact a lot of the climate lobbyists don't like to accept the reality of the 
"peak oil"/"peak everything"/"ecological limits" issue because the results are 
far too "deep green" for their tastes ("taste" as in modern consumer gadgetry, 
careers and lifestyles, that is).


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