Ring Of Power and Bush's stab at rewriting history

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No party is seperate.
Anyone seen the Ring of Power?
ring of power

when you're done with that.
is this confirmation or what???????
David Cameron - Illuminati Connection?

well they are all at it i nthe freemasonry, head of civil service, Order of the bath, etc. etc. with connections to the imf and world bank........ check it our for yourself.
Look up Master of the Rolls, and the connections there to the rothchilds banking and other  very interesting relatives and info.
oh look........
freemason head:

funny that?
Jordan Maxwell -- The Law Part 1/24 

so what is controlling the wars? is it all about a debt unpaid by the 50 founding fathers of the U.S.A? Is it a tax form the u.S.A. that gets paid directly to the Crown to the inner temple to be exact.
this series might help decode that, but there are many others:
You Own A Bond the Crown Connection 1

information on why there was no emancipation approclamation infact it was well, you'll have to research it to believe it.
Blacks Law / Moorish Law Dealing With the Courts PT.1 

Blacks Law / Moorish Law Dealing With the Courts PT.2 

Enjoy, because if you're not awake soon.......well it might take a few more thousand years.
Aspartame is Actually Excrement of Genetically Modified E. Coli
the general rule is follow the money in all circumstances.

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Anot so subtle review of the term is in order?
Madeline Albright said it was the worst mistake ever to go to Iraq in that manner.
Retired Generals said they could have done the same thing cheaper and with less casualties. The area has long been seen as a type of proving ground for our military and other military also.
DEA involved control issues abound.

In new memoir, Bush reignites feud with McCain, admits strain with Cheney over Libby | The Upshot Yahoo! News


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