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Re Mark Lynas / saving the world - GMOs and Nuclear Energy

I am sad about this - because Mark is a personal friend and he is also the owner of an organic allotment. 
What he has written about GMOs instead - just points out that he is evidently not a scientist and evidently does not know enough about how damaging the whole GMO process actually is - start to finish. 
Some GMOs have actually been blocked already at international level by special UN petitions by actual scientists who do know what they are talking about - exactly because 'GMOs' have the potential to be so incredibly devastating and destructive that some GMOs could actually destroy all of life on the planet. 

So therefore for Mark to write very eloquently as he does as if he is an expert - is actually dangerous. 
he is not an expert in GMOs nor in nuclear science. 
he is a journalist. 
They are 2 very different things. 

I have spoken to GMO scientists myself for hours on end and they have told me themselves with their own mouths that GMOs are made using bacterial and viral agents, right from the basic foundation of GMO manufacture. Therefore they are using 'toxic agents' right from the very start, and represent the risk of 'major global disaster' therefore for them to be ever used globally - rather than representing the 'world saving future' that they pretend to represent. 

For Mark to therefore claim that GMOs represent a viable answer to global food shortages therefore causes me to wonder if Monsanto are paying him to be their spokesperson otherwise I would consider him to be dangerously deluded. 

In relation to the answer of nuclear energy - I would also like to ask him how he proposes to dispose of nuclear waste material as part of his plans to save the world. 
Does he plan to drop nuclear waste on other countries - such as Iraq and Iran - and on Yugoslavia as the nuclear waste industry seems to have done so far as part of their 'recycling of radioactive material process'. 
Maybe nuclear waste material could be dropped on his allotment - and see how he likes that. 

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What the Green Movement Got Wrong: A turncoat explains


Many The Land Is Ours people from the rip-roaring Oxford days will
remember slippery Mark Lynas.

Fine for him to tag along on some of our occupations. 

Sidling up to Green. Rather like Tony Blair's days at CND, both now out
in the open. 

Yes everyone's entitled to be a walking, talking fraud. 

Mark is from the Prince Charles mould of 'green fascist', who took tens
of thousands of pounds from prospective new nuclear plant builders EDF
Energy on his recent 'Green Train' tour of Britain. 

Lots of money, lots of publicity in these lies right now as the push to
yoke future generations with nuclear waste and debt hots up. 

This is what real Enironmental activists look like Mark & Charles.
Not like you. 

GERMANY: Police battle activists trying to halt nuclear train


Protests greet German nuclear waste


Author and environmentalist - Mark Lynas


Thursday 04 November 2010

Does the environmental movement still speak for the environment? Or are
the greens in danger of being left behind, trapped in their own
ideological fortress, as the world outside changes rapidly?

These are the questions asked by What the Green Movement Got Wrong.
Before the programme even airs, it is mired in controversy, with
environmentalists in the major campaign groups already crying foul before
most of them have even seen what the documentary contains.

My view, as one of the contributors to the film, is simple: the greens
can dish it out, but they can't take it. 

Any time Mark, any time!


+44 (0)7786 952037




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"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which
alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung



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