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 Oops - I meant to send this to whole group but just realised I replied to sender only:

I'm not sure about the UK, but I work with several organisations overseas who implement sustainable agriculture projects using agroforestry principles very similar to permaculture e.g. multi-tiered food growing, complementary crops, soil-enriching/ nitrogen-fixing trees, trees providing animal fodder etc.  The people participating in these project are certainly not from their countries' middle classes.
There are massive effects of forest clearance (lack of rainwater capture, flash flooding, drought, falling soil quality, topsoil erosion, increased CO2 and atmospheric "black carbon" from slash and burn).  There are other major problems with intensive agriculture (particularly nitrogen run-off destroying aquatic/ marine life).
New forms of agriculture are therefore definitely needed to replace the widespread deforestation of the last millennium and the intensive agriculture of the last century.
As to whether this is being pioneered by impoverished Peruvians or middle-class Bristolians... the more the merrier I say!

 (James apologies for cross-posting)


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I understand that  permaculture advocates a non digging method of agriculture.
For the last 5,000 years farmers have been ploughing the land, sowing seed , so successfully, that 
the human population has  multiplied  to dominate the planet and successfully compete with all other living organisms.
Is there any evidence that permaculture is more than a middle class cult for amateur  gardeners?
Maybe I'm wrong.


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