concepts of land ownership and protecting the biodiversity of the land

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Tue Nov 23 12:32:04 GMT 2010

Dear Everyone,

there seems to be some discussion about the difference between ownership and responsibility of ownership and also freedom of distribution and also of management practices towards different possessions that can be either owned or shares. 

Can I remind some people that these concepts are all different and mutually exclusive and also just because someone might say that they want to own some land and then give it away for free - does not necessarily mean that giving land away for free is the best way for the biodiversity of the planet to be improved.

Personally I would state that promoting beneficial land management practices is a million times more beneficial than the concept of promoting for land or other resources to be given away for free. 

I would also state that it would actually be grossly criminally negligent for members of TLIO to continue to promote the confused concept that giving away land and resources for free is a positive ideal. It most definitely is not. 

If one would like to consider for example - that the land and mineral resources of the Palestinian people of Gaza have just been taken for 'free' by the Israeli government, through use of military intervention of the Israeli navy against both Palestinian and international citizens, then this would be an 'example' of a collective group of people taking 'land and its resources for free' and then re-distributing them as they see fit, against the consent of the original landowners. 

This is against international laws and the acts performed by the Israeli military and navy constitute war crimes. 

Therefore I would really suggest that if TLIO wants to continue in the future as a 'credible' organisation, that some people consult 'lawyers' in relation to 'land rights of ownership and management policies' in relation to how to effectively promote better ecological systems to help more healthy lifestyles for people on this planet as a credible part of the environmental movement in the future, otherwise their statements are questionable and therefore ridiculous, in the wider international context of the debate about how the 'environment' and 'biodiversity of life on this planet' should effectively be managed in the future in a way that is equitable and fair for all, including landowners, whose rightful access to their own land is being exploited or abused. 


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