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1) wheat production in UK doesn't depend on post 1973 CAP payments. 
When CAP payments cease,in the most unlikely circumstaenaces of farmers not planting sufficient wheat, as was the threat  in the 1940's during shipping losses due to submarine activity , HMG declares force majeur and directs  planting.  All the better in the long run if landowners reveal their power and show that their motivation is anti-social. The sooner private landownership is
ended the better.

Yes, it would be nice 
if we could turn back the clock to 1775 and  force the damned yankees to stop trashing the
prairies.  Read  the factual account in “The banditti of the
plains.”-   The cattlemen’s invasion of Wyoming,-
published  1892.

But an argument that CAP paid in England prevents  trashing the US plains is
long on geography and short on logic.


In the following list I could perhaps  make a connection between Jonjo O’Neill Racing
of  Lambourne and the failed Bank of Ireland but not
with  the American prairies.

Cutting massive US government
support to US
agriculture would be more effective in saving the environment.   

Here are some completely illogical examples
of the 197,000  receiving big, sometimes massive,
CAP payments in UK  in 2009-


Diego Distilleries of Glasgow, 


 Buckfast Abbey,  

Gaynors Cider, 

Kimbridge Trout Fishing 

Butterfly Conservation , Wareham

National Westminster Bank,

Lord Rothschild ,

Mr D Rothschild,

 Lady Rothschild,

 Bank of Zurich, 

Puddletown Rugby Club, 

Dorset Polo Club, 

Jonjo O’Neill Racing,

The Belvoir Hunt,

Cheese Co of Oswestry ,

Wilson Bowden, ( monopolist  housebuilders )

Taylor – Woodrow ( landbanking


The Donkey  Sanctuary at Sidmouth
Devon EX 10  

should declare my OAP benefit cheque of £10,342 p.a.

should force M.P’s and Lords to do the same

             Please ask your MP in public if
possible –then let me know,

“How much CAP benefit does  your family receive each year? “

              james armstrong              The Land is Ours,                                                                                






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"Why should we not import whest when its cheap? It only takes 6 months to change policy and grow it again when needed."(i) Because wheat is our staple, it is the bedrock of agriculture in this country and when you undermine agriculture you undermine human culture.(2) Because the wheat we import comes from unsustainable production in North America, while we have a surplus of nutrients in this country. We have been mining the prairies of the United States for the last 200 years, destroying its topsoil, and now we are starting on Brazil.  When you import food you import biomass and nutrients. If you import a lot more than you export, that leads to an unhealthy  concentration   of nutrients and biomass in the importing country, and the excessive extraction of  biomass and nutrients from environments in the exporting countries.Simon 
On 28 Nov 2010, at 19:44, james armstrong wrote:Why should we not import whest when its cheap? It only takes 6 months to change policy and grow it again when needed.



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