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Tue Oct 5 21:30:39 BST 2010

Cutting (some) Child Benefits 

 -What a con. 

£44,000 is the parent’s cut off annual income above which
the Child Benefit’s will not be paid.(“They’re not rich” says Kenneth Clarke
the millionaire)  

Oh, how my heart bleeds for those poor rich parents.  Two of us live really well on less than £10k.

Just wait for a fortnight 
till the expected real cuts come- of jobs, pensions, care services
etc  with the Chancellor’s annual
spending review.


Then, the argument (for suckers) will be, “Well, we hit the
poor and the rich  too”

So far, no sign of cutting the Queen’s £million annual
handout from the UK
income tax payer under the  Common
Agricultural Policy payments to landowners.

Cutting the CAP to millionaire landowners would save
£2billion out of the £3.4billion annual CAP payments.

25,567 is a huge number. I know,  I have been alive for that number of days.

44,000  the cut off
income? – even bigger. How big is “saving £1billion”?  Then  why
not  cut the Queen’s £1,000,000?- and the
other payments to the super rich, and go the whole £3.4billion? 

What puts it all in perspective is the  estimated City bonuses of £7 to 9billion, and
the Government’s expected  2011 second
bail-out to  private banks of  £70billion.

We live at the beginning of the end days, when  the people’s government has lost the battle
with the City .  Channel 4 “Dispatches”
last night showed both the present and the last Government, together with
Scotland Yard, all caving in when threatened with bad publicity from Rupert Murdoch’s
News International who systematically tapped telephones and went unpunished. 

Its time for a national bank, regulation of the City and
‘well-being’ and “common wealth” to replace the  ‘economic’ and “globalization” goals and a People’s
Assembly to  keep the MP’s up to the
mark. . James   


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