unpublished £15billion tax on you.

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“£435million budget increase in Britain’s
contribution to E.U.” Guardian  28th

If that is 2.9 per cent of the contribution   that would mean the full contribution
is  some £15 billion per annum , Am I

Sorry I have to ask but these are large totals and some Guardian readers  may not have a calculator handy and the Guardian article to-day
does not reveal the full cost of Britain’s
annual contribution to Europe.


But that is not unusual.

In the Guardian’s double page spread of  18th October illustrating
Government Spending under some 223 headings with one as (relatively) small as
£400,000 for the National School of Government,  there was no mention of that annual  ( £15bn) contribution to Europe.


But the Guardian is not alone.  

In the 559 page book of government statistics, “Britain
1997, an Official Handbook ” published by HMSO, and priced £30, the reader is
left in the dark about this annual £billion 
charge to the taxpayer.


Also the last time I searched , I could find no mention of
the figure in the H.M.S.O. “Annual Abstract of Statistics”


Perhaps some more nimble fingered and patient readers
can  dig out  the figure from the internet..  Last time I tried I gave up.


The same Guardian illustration  of Government Spending (mentioned above) , in one of ten tiny footnotes informs readers without giving 
a figure, that the R.P.A. distributes C.A.P. payments but as they are
covered by transfers from the E.U.`they  “do not show up as net spending here”

This is misleading .The CAP payments mostly to UK
landowners of rolling acres, which are currently £3.9billion, (£3.4billion net)
, represent only one part of the two part transfers which cost UK
taxpayers  the £15billion item which
no-one seems to want to lay claim to paying.

Huge savings could be made from these annual 
C.A.P.payments.  The unearned increment due to the  fall in value of 
sterling versus the Euro  amounted to £731million in 2009 over 2008.

In the Spendiing Review there was no mention of 
cutting UK's  contribution or asking  CAP payments receivers to chip 
in from this  windfall.

Do I detect a pattern here?  


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