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A formidable weapon to fight the forthcoming  cuts is the at present uncut  £3.4 billion
payments – state benefits – to millionaire landowners- from the Common
Agricultural Policy of the EU


CAP payments to M.P.s,, to the Queen, (for Privately owning
the Sandringham Estates,) to the Prince of Wales , to the Princess, to giant
corporations have entirely escaped cuts in the Annual Spending Review- 


In 2009 amounted to £3.4billion net,  (£3.9bn gross) 


These benefit payments are annual. 


The Largest annual payment in 2009 wfor housing, as to
British Sugar Corporation of £91million. 


C.A.P.  benefits  are growing .   The 2009 total increased by £731million in
2009 over 2008. some 23 per cent. 


Funds for  building
houses have been cut, along with  funds for
new schools.

C.A.P. payments are uncut but have received little or no
comment in the media.


CAP payments originate in UK
–NOT – as is commonly wrongly stated, are they funded from Europe.  The source is the annual UK
contribution to the EU of £10billion funded by UK
taxpayers. .


EU has no revenue-generating tax stream, relying  on contributions from member states 


Many Members of Parliament 
and of the House of Lords receive substantial CAP payments annually.


The Clerk to the House 
declines to publish a list of members payments.


One such payment is 
£417,000 for the year 2009 to Drax Farms Ltd of whom Richard Drax, MP
for North Dorset , 
is a beneficiary.


The same British workers who are having their child
allowance capped, who are on waiting lists for housing or cannot afford the deposit
on a house and 490,000 of whom it is estimated are to lose their jobs, are the
source of the funds, via their income tax payments , which pay  for these massive annual payments to
millionaire landowners of British land – some of whom are not British.  


There is a potential saving of some £15billion over four
years  if these unnecessary benefits to
landowners were cut.


Look them up at
      .Tell your pals       Use them to fight cuts.

Write to your MP. 
Remind him/her that it is a condition of receiving such Cap payments that
they should be public knowledge, ask if and how much they receive.


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