'Save the Planet' protestor shot dead at Discovery Channel

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Fri Sep 3 00:58:51 BST 2010


Save the Planet Protest, James Jay Lee's mantra
Save the Planet Protest was the slogan of the killed James Jay Lee, 
who took three hostages at Discovery Channel's headquarters in 
Washington DC in USA on Wednesday. Well, the man really loved the planet.
But the question arises in mind that did the radical environmentalist 
James Jay Lee really need to take the hostages to prove it and to 
accomplish his protest?
Police shot James and killed him after four hours standoff at the 
channel's building. It is said that James had been opposed to the 
Discovery Channel for many years. His belief was that the channel 
caused the earth more harm than benefits.

"I'm ready to die."
ABC News' Pierre Thomas talks to Police Chief about Discovery showdown. #
That's what Discovery Channel gunman James Lee repeatedly told 
negotiators yesterday as he held three hostages in the lobby of the 
Silver Spring, MD office building.
The gunman's disturbed, agitated state of mind is just one of a 
number of exclusive, new details that have emerged from an ABC News 
interview with Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas Manger.

Eugenicist Takes Hostage At Discovery Channel Issues Anti-Human Manifesto
Wed 1st September 2010

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