BBC documentary on the precient global farming and food crisis

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A Farm for the Future 01
<>withDefiance | April 23, 2009

BBC documentary on the precient global farming and food crisis, 
filmed in the UK.
Featuring Martin Crawford (Agroforestry Research Trust), Fordhall 
Farm, Richard Heinberg and others.

Topics covered are the influence of oil on the food production, 
peak-oil, food security, carbon emissions, sustainability and permaculture.
I never thought farming cd be thrilling, but this film made it so. 
Taking into account that 85p of every pound we currently pay for our 
food is for the oil to produce and transport that food, the coming 
impacts of exorbitantly expensive oil will devastate our existing 
sources of food, but with what this film shows, we have found a way 
around this challenge. It's being pioneered now, by this imaginative 
woman and the geniuses she learned from. It's a film we'll be glad we 
watched thro to the end.
Thanks. Everyone should watch all of this.
When counting the oil used to produce an (industrial) sandwhich, why 
start with the bread? Why nost start with the plastic package.
Food was, and can again, be produced sustainiably. Check out Joel 
Salatin of Polyface Farm on YouTube, or Google.

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