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Interesting one this - since Democracy Village so championed by Mark Barrett and the idiotic digging of a compost toilet on the square were the cause of the barrier being put there. [ed.] ;-)


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Thursday 30th September · 10:00AM - 11:30AM
  Location Greater London Authority, City Hall
Queens Walk, London, SE1 2AA. (map

  Organised by:
The Campaign to Free Parliament
  More info On Thursday 30th September at 10AM, come and demonstrate for the
removal of the fence currently encaging Parliament Square and preventing
access to everyone except a gang of security guards.
The GLA ordered that this fence be put up to carry out essential maintenance
and over 9 weeks later, we will demand that they take it down immediately.
Come and add your voice to the growing chorus for the removal of this ugly
eyesore which is preventing lawful demonstration, appreciation of the square
by visitors to London, and a sanctuary to those wanting a rest in the busy
Please make your own placards or banners ahead of the event to express how
you feel about the fence, or if you'd like to perfom artistically to express
your feelings there is a great mini ampitheatre next to the GLA where you
can do just that.
We will also be having a people's assembly outside the GLA to discuss public
spaces and related issues.
Be there or be Square!

Some background to this demo:

On July 20th 2010, following the eviction of the Democracy Village from
Parliament Square by the Greater London Authority, a fence was constructed
around the Square for the official reason of ''carrying out essential
maintenance'' . It was alleged that the presence of the Democracy Village
had caused serious damage to the lawn on Parliament Square as well as the
flower beds.
In addition to the erection of the fence, a round the clock team of Security
Guards have patrolled the Square presumably at great expense to the
taxpayer. No official explanation for their presence on the Square has been
given by the GLA.
Following weeks of fair weather, the grass on Parliament Square is now lush,
fertile and unblemished.
The fences are an ugly eyesore which restrict access to this valuable open
space. Tourists visiting London hoping to see the many famous statues
surrounding the Square, workers seeking to enjoy a lunch break on the lawn,
demonstrators wanting to voice their views next to Parliament, all are
restricted by this ugly barrier.
Regardless of the original claims about damage to the Square by the
Democracy Village, something which is strongly contested by all sides, we
believe that there is no good reason for the presence of this fence and we
call on the GLA to remove it immediately so that the Square can be continued
to be enjoyed by all.
If you feel strongly about this issue pick up the phone to the GLA: 020 7983
4000 or send an email to:
simon.grinter at<>,
Facilities Manager at the GLA demanding the removal of the fence.

You can join the Facebook group: Free Parliament Square by clicking

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"We hear men speaking for us of new laws strong and sweet /Yet is there no
man speaketh as we speak in the street.”

"We hear men speaking for us of new laws strong and sweet /Yet is there no
man speaketh as we speak in the street.”
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